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A-10C Mirrors


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It would be neat if we could click on the three mirrors in-cockpit to toggle them on/off independantly versus having to check a box under game setup (I believe).:)

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OK- here is a uneducated guess why this isn't possible in DCS right now:


first: we see that using the snap-views for mirrors -even if mirrors are switched of - is working...


But we cant do this in "default cockpit view"...

So I get the conclusion that DCS will have to render the image of the Mirrors all the time in a view-port - even we don't see them... - so the option to switch mirrors off isn't implemented ,because -

people with weaker GPU don't have to suffer from this- and they can switching them on/off in the options menu.


But (looking at the evolution of Lock-On to DCS) this isn't contemporary any more...



To overcome this restriction I think that there has to be incorporated a second "default cockpit view+mirrors" .

so we are able to switch between this view-ports.


Making them "moveable" will mean this second view-port of the mirrors has always be rendered as an invisible layer - and the system will be suffer the same as they are shown all the time - so it will be obsolete ( to move them only to save performance )


It's evident he's asking for the ability to adjust then as you would with the real ones.

I'm just asking because I learned what might be evident for you and me ... is not always the same for others. - so I think its better to ask two times before answering once.

-see post #3

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