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Enable IFFCC BIT functionality.


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Right now, if you know what you're doing, you can blow through the startup extremely fast. We're at the point where every checklist has 'filler' features like checking the fuel gauge and oxygen gauge even though we all know there's no way either of those would be bad (I don't even think it's possible for the fuel quantity indicator to fail in the sim).


So, I suggest we enable the preflight BIT... you know, the thing where all the crap flashes on the HUD... well, it's supposed to be interactive. You're supposed to center flight controls, arm EAC, enable SAS, arm it again, it tests GCAS, etc. It's a vital step no pilot would ever skip because it tests the vital systems that you trust to stop you from smashing in to the ground.


With that in mind, I suggest that, maybe for DCS: A-10C 2, we enable these BITs, and even allow them to fail if performed wrong or if the system actually is bad - right now the GCAS BIT passes just fine even if your RALT is turned off, and presumably if it was completely broken too.




Then again, I'm in to the whole random failures and maintenance aspect of these aircraft which seems to be an unusually unpopular stance...

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Then again, I'm in to the whole random failures and maintenance aspect of these aircraft which seems to be an unusually unpopular stance...


It was pretty damned annoying to have your HUD just wink out on you twice in the same mission. Yea, totally not digging that. I just could never believe that various aircraft systems would experience total failure at anywhere remotely approaching that rate. Minor problems- yes. But I never saw any minor problems, I always had total system failures of like the HUD or CICU, and I'd get one like once every 4 hours of flight time, and it just turned out to be really annoying. Yea.


NOW- random system failures at start up, or jets that if you didn't do the BITs, you could have a problem- that would actually bring a whole new aspect to start-up. Failures can be fun and not annoying, if done right- for example, say you find a problem while starting up. Maybe you can have the ground crew quickly repair it for you or something- but YOU have to identify which system is malfunctioning, and needs to be fixed. Maybe not wholly realistic, but many things about ground crew isn't realisitic (and it shouldn't be, if it took like an hour or half an hour to re-arm or however long it really takes in real life, that would be really annoying).


Anyway, it's not that random failures are totally unfun, it's just that the old implementation of them was. It's just not fun to be subject to random acts of suckage, where there is nothing you can do to prevent it. A chance to have random failures during startup, that YOU can take action against, and could communicate to ground crew about and have them fixed you for them- that would be wholly different than the current implementation of random failures.

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Why not build in a failure % for every system and if you do the preflight test you'll reduce that kind of failures by some random % chance.


Haven't experienced any failures other than my own atm. because i'm rather new to the DCS series. So i don't really know what is possible in the current system and what not.

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