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Coming back to the game, download confusion

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Hello everyone

I purchased KA-50 back in 2009 and recently retrieved my license. I downloaded and installed DCS world and have loaded it up once. I am trying to reinstall KA-50 and thought I would enter my license through DCS World and it would download it for me. But I don't see any place to do so.


So I came back to the site and searched through old versions of the game but I am confused as to which one to install. I realize KA-50 2 is a new version requiring another purchase and I am cool with that.


So would I download and install this?



Is that the very latest version I can play without an additional purchase?


And one more question. I would like to jump in and try A-10 and I have decided that the price through Steam is a great deal.

Is the Steam version of the game 1.2?

Should I download the game through Steam or should I just use the license key and install it through DCS World?

Or do you have to download it through the website and then DCS World will recognize it?


I guess I am confused as to the purpose of DCS World, I had thought it was going to be ED's own version of a Steam type service that tied all of the product together and you could license and download the games through the software.

Maybe I am misunderstanding the purpose.


And as long as I am asking questions I might as well ask one more. Falcon 4.0 Allied Force is the one hardcore sim I was able to learn. I put a lot of hours into it and still play it occasionally even though the graphics are outdated.

One of the things I liked was that you could enable autopilot that fully controlled the Falcon even through combat.

I learned a lot by watching the AI and how it employed weapons, the headings it took, the range and alltitude it used weapons, how it responded to threats, etc.


Along with the tutorials that is how I learned the game.

I know A-10 has autopilot for such things are keeping altitude and headings, but does it have a full autopilot that can work during combat and execute a full mission?



Thank you very much in advance for any help.

I am sure I will have a lot more questions. I have always wanted to get into hardcore flight sims but have always been frustrated by the entry barrier. Plus I have a bare bones joystick. Getting A-10 for cheap might lead me to upgrade.

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Welcome back! A lot has happened in the last 3 years.


Yes, that link is what you should download to use your Black Shark key and play. I'm not sure if that is the latest version, you may need to apply the 1.01c and 1.02 patches found here: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/patches/?PAGEN_1=2


BS1 is not compatible with World so if you want to use the Black Shark in DCS:World you will want to buy the upgrade version of BS2 and then install the BS2 module for DCS:World. I highly recommend this as BS2 introduced a lot of really good improvements. A full list can be found here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=81117


If you want to buy A-10, buy it now on Steam. It is on sale for cheap. However, do not install the steam version. Download and install DCS:World then download and install the A-10 module for World. When you start a mission in the A-10 for the first time you will be prompted for your key, enter the key that is found in your Steam library. This will be version 1.2. The Steam version is the standalone A-10c and this version is no longer being upgraded as everything is now part of World.


DCS:World is not EDs version of Steam. DCS:World is the backbone game from here on out. It contains the graphics, mission editor, missions, vehicles, and all other parts of the game. It even includes a Su-25T that is free to fly in single player. When you buy and install the separate modules, it simply opens up that playable part of the game.


For example: if you buy A-10c and install the module, you will then be able to fly the A-10c inside of DCS:World.


The advantages of this is that now all modules are under the same system. You can play multiplayer with anyone else playing World, no matter if they are flying a Shark, an A-10, or driving a tank or acting as JTAC with Combined Arms.


If you want to try DCS:World to see if it will work on your system it is free to download and install. You can then fly the Toad in singleplayer missions without having to buy any of the new modules. Once you install a module you will then be able to fly the Toad in multiplayer as well.


As for your last question, DCS:A-10c does not have an autopilot like that per se. What you can do is watch tracks. You can make a track yourself or download other users tracks from online. When you launch a track you will be in the cockpit viewing exactly what the person did who recorded the track. You can speed up or slow down time, pause the game, or even take control of the aircraft and fly it yourself. While this isn't a dynamic autopilot like what you described, it does allow you to view how others fly, use systems, and engage in combat.


There are also interactive training missions in A-10c and others that users have made for Black Shark 2 that really help you get in and learn how to fly.


I hope all this helps! If you have any more questions feel free to ask!

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