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I can't run Ka-50 and A-10 1.2.1, but i can run CA and the SU-25T 1.2.1 with the new update of World. I get a error message that: DCS have stop working, when I try to start Ka-50 and the A-10. Anyone that have a suggestion to solve the problem?

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Hard to point you in a direction with so little information, (thread title hardly helps either).


I'd think about the information others might need in order to help you.


Have you followed the installation instructions?

1- Uninstall all previous DCS products prior to versions 1.2.1

2- To be safe, delete \Saved Games\DCS files

3- Install DCS World 1.2.1

4- Install each new DCS module (1.2.1 or lates

Have you tried reinstalling the affected modules? A 5 minute job.

Have you done anything to try and trouble shoot this? To save suggestions you have already tried..

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