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Base Mannager and Maintenance


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I open this post to put on the table an interesting feature that may be accompanied by the concept of logistics. The management concept airbase and aircraft maintenance.


I see it as follows:



Management crews (squad):

* This system would have two parts:

- A part in the mission editor that would allow setting the number of staff and their characteristics over a given number, and can be created by an automatic system (created a button) or manually configuring all the features one by one. The names could realistically be created by outdoor tables, checks that there is also the number of crew needed according to the number of crew members of the devices assigned to the base. This system would have its own button in the editor and can add base commanders (This system could be included in the ground control system)

- The main management system is activated as soon as a mission comenzase if a base commander or through IA should not be commanders.

* The air base will be limited by the number of available parking and SAH, this will be able to be divided at the convenience of the creator of missions.

- A poll of crews to add drivers or crew (considering the devices assigned to the base). In the range allocated to it, the number of missions (realized and successfully), takedowns (air-to-air, air-to-ground), experience (Green, inexperienced, experienced, crack or elite) and moral fatigue.

Range: All squadron consists of twelve positions (in the case that the squadron has 12 devices, but may vary. Tomare this number as a reference). There are twelve positions:

- 1xComandander

- 1xOfficial Executive l / Second in command

- 2xFlight Lider / division

- 4xSection Lider

- 4xLine Pilotos

The squad can be 2 or 3 additional pilots or crews at the start of missions but could also leave the squadron under his effective via editor.

This system can also be used in the case of two or more devices crew, on the command of the aircraft captain.


The Executive Officer may replace the squadron commander should be torn down, die, be captured, or be considered low. Other ranges can be refilled if the different components have the proper range.


The system would have to take into account:

In missions with more than three or more devices requires a squadron commander, an executive officer or a flight leader.

In missions with more than two or more devices requires a squadron commander, executive officer, a flight leader or section leader.


In the event that a device is shot down, pilots can successfully ejectarse and are rescued, pilots can recover in a second indefinite injuries they have suffered. The crew unscathed may suffer fatigue and need to rest only to return to the front. The injured crew can take hours, days or months to recover. Some may suffer many wounds that are considered combat casualties and removed.


Players can be assigned by the base commander to different squads.



You can get replacements via the logistics system. The range of the new replacement can be generated randomly according to available positions.


Battle damage to equipment:

If an appliance is damaged and can not be repaired by emergency repairs, maintenance should be carried. This device is out of service during that time.


There are two types of systems in one device:

Fuselage: The fuselage is the main component of the apparatus, said component allows the flight, can not be replaced unless of lost. A starry device gives up

Engine: The engine can fly to a device, the motors can be replaced by others in good condition if they are dispobibles, a motor can be repaired regardless of if it is placed in a plane.


The damage can be treated as Light, Graves or Critical. This always encompass the worst damaged system having apparatus, either in the body or motor (these values ​​can vary).

-A light damage requires between 3 and 6 hours

-A heavy damage requires between 9 and 21 hours

-A critical damage requires 30 to 48 hours

* Times are examples


Each type of damage requires a lot of spare parts, they are available in logistics warehouse base, and can be resuministrados by stores.


Changing an engine damaged by one in good condition can take between 3 and 6 hours.


Damage Operational

Whenever a device perform a mission, can produce wear and tear, this can cause damage that have to be repaired, they are generated according to the quality of the device according to the type of country

- Countries of the first order (USA, Russia, France, etc)

- Countries of second order (Libya, Syria, Vietnam, etc.)

- Countries third order (to be determined)


Accordingly, each time an aircraft lands in a base, this may generate operational damage according to the following table (these values ​​may vary):


Countries of first order: 2% serious damage, 4% light damage

Countries of second order: 4% severe damage, 15% light damage

Countries third order: 8% severe damage, 30% light damage


This damage will be repaired in the same way that the battle damage.



Maintaining a device is done by maintenance crews assigned at least one maintenance crew devera be assigned to repair or perform maintenance on an engine or airframe if available.


Normally a squad have room between 8-16 maintenance equipment (although this number can be assigned via the mission editor) and can be assigned different tasks as an interface created especially.


In this interface become damaged appliances including the number of engines each device, its status, the number of available engines and equipment maintenance. The base commander may assign teams to each appliance and motor, allowing carry a comprehensive maintenance.


An apparatus needed to perform a routine maintenance mission to mission time equal split between 3 plus additional time to the next half hour or an hour to round.


The system can also assign multiple teams to reduce repair time are allocated few more teams, this time will be divided into number of teams present.


A maintenance crew can also be assigned for the preparation of an appliance (rearmed, refueled and preparation of the aircraft) that takes one to three hours.


Personnel Management:

All members of the base needed some time off and rest after being assigned to a job, this is equal to the time they have been on a mission or maintenance.


It also requires a time equal to eight hours sleep. In the event that a maintenance crew or equipment can not rest properly (devido base damage) or workload, fatigue began to increase efficiency and decrease.


A tired crew starts to lose capacity as if it were of a lower category. If a crew is sent a mission, there are chances that a mistake, or worse a target fails, it crashes.


A maintenance crew having fatigue starts making mistakes, which begins to degrade the time of maintenance.


This system could also be exported for land and naval units

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