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  1. Sorry Su-22M4. As I talk M3 can make a Su17M4 and Octopus a Su-22M4, of course, IF that has a "incoming" DCS official module, no a Mod. Enviado desde mi RNE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  2. A 300$ module has prohibitive and none feasible. A B-52 has very problematic to make, by the lack of info, get a license with the aircraft owners and the missing features as ECM, radar and weapons on the core. The size by the team required to make them has other problem. The map size (no the making of realistic missions) has not a problem by the continuous expansions of size maps. Enviado desde mi RNE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  3. I think not. OctopusG has very hermetic and has more plausible two separated projects Su17M4 by M3 /Su22M2 by OctopusG. Enviado desde mi RNE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  4. Flak was added on WW2 assets pack, and someone was added to the core. Ks19 and radar FC radar has planned by ED, but not have release date. Enviado desde mi RNE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  5. Someone missing F4U British models fly combat missions on ETO. The F4U has builded by Magnitude 3rd party, with a PTO assets pack incoming with USN and IJA/IJN units. https://www.quora.com/Did-the-F4U-Corsair-fighter-see-any-service-in-or-near-Europe I-16 type 24 was build by Octopus-G 3rd party, that team has none a assets pack team o a map team. ED has build type VII\41 versions, builded near 91 ships. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:German_Type_VIIC/41_submarines Flak version has a complete diferent animal. No develop by ED. https://uboat.net/types/u-flak.htm The actual WW2 maps has produced by ED and 3rd parties. - ED build the channel map WW2, centered on Battle of Britain scenery, and actually has build free Marianas WW2. We don't know what next map coming to DCS to WW2 by ED after Marianas WW2. - Normandy map has builded by Ugra Media 3rd party, that actually on progress to redone and expand to North and east, include London and Paris cities, further expansions has unkonow. - Falklands map has builded by RAZBAM 3rd Party map team. 1. Meanwhile ED has actually not put plans about the future of WW2 (Nick Grey has talked about build PTO and Bob modules), 3rd parties has free to build your modules, and outside the M3 F4U, none has talked about new WW2 aircrafts. 2. WW2 assets packs units incoming has actually unkonow and ED has none talk about what units has on develop or planned to expand them. 3. Extensión of actual maps or new maps has none detail yet by ED or 3rd parties. Enviado desde mi RNE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  6. Long range artillery missiles, (Tochka, ATACMS, Iskander, MLRS 227 mm rockets) on the Wishlist, but not promise yet.
  7. Mk77 firebombs and others will come as part of the core, not only exclusive oh Hornet module, by ED commentaries. Surely ED can add them to use on others modules. Enviado desde mi RNE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  8. Uh-1n has a diferenf heló, with new AFM, cockpit and systems. A complete new module. Enviado desde mi RNE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  9. Spanish Mirage F-1M never was implement to use Exocet missile, and the Exocet missile has none on the Spanish armed forces. Enviado desde mi RNE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  10. Argentine has no confirmed nothing about a firm JF-17 purchase to Pakistan. Only a "intention as other hundred previously. Meanwhile we don't see a signed contract and Argentine pay them, has only smoke. Enviado desde mi RNE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  11. ED has no talk nothing about module on test by your side, and actually, missing some systems and capabilities. Only as example, MBB-339A has on testings from late 2021, and actually has nor been release. My expectations, 2023 o chrismasts 2022. Enviado desde mi RNE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Fighter_Collection https://www.facebook.com/FlyingLegendsOfficial https://www.flyinglegends.com/ Has some old interviews, with Nick Grey has talked about Warbirds, The fighter collection, your pilot, enginering and warbird restorer experience.
  13. Towed tecnology has on progress by ED, actually has some Truck heads on DCS, but has no added the trailers. Some WW2 AAA artillery has towed animations, but none implemented yet.
  14. R-77 AFM planned, after other missiles. Plans to make diferent generations of FLIR technology. About Dinamic campaign, initially ED goes to build regular army structure.
  15. ED has talked, they dont go to add nothing about Krimea, Ukrania or some caucasus zones. That turn on a "political Problem" from some years ago, and the actual "Russian Ukranian" war has a hell.
  16. Silver_Dragon


    I talking about all aircrafts making by Octopus-G to other simulators, include DCS. The company has making always East aircrats: - Let L-13 Blanik to FS9 - Antonov An-2 to FSX - PLZ-104 Wilga 35 to FSX - I-16 Type 24 to DCS And now, the rumors by pics of a La-7 and a Su-22.
  17. HB has no tell nothing about assets, but I think can be The A-6 AI and some other in a future.
  18. Silver_Dragon


    The same question by all 3rd parties... all making modules by the resources, info and team availables. Aernes building Spanish Air Force Aircrafts. Deka on Chinesse aircrafts FlyingIrons Simulations UsNavy aircrafts Heatblur build UsNavy / Western European Aircrafts IndiaFoxtEcho on Italian Aircrafts M3 has centred on East aircrafts / Acrobatic / UsNavy Aircrats OctopusG on Soviet / East Europe Aircrafts Polychops on Western Helos Razbam on American continent aircrafts / Maps. Ugra Media on Maps
  19. Only some details here: - The A-4C module was planned first by two 3rd parties (one disapear (Coretex Designs) and the other discard the project VEAO) some years ago, and the main problem was getting a lincence agretment with the A-4 owners (Douglas Aircraft Company / McDonnell Douglas / Boeing), That was alway "prohibitibe" and No was a ED problem. - Two 3rd parties start to make F-15E module (RAZBAM and IRIS) on 2012. IRIS disapear as 3rd party and RAZBAM maintain your project to reach today. - MBB339 module projects appears from 2012 with some 3rd parties (Mil Sim Projets / VBS). - Tornados was claimed by VEAO, VBS and RAZBAM from 2012. - F-14 was claimed by IRIS on 2012, before HB appears - IRIS claimed a DB-5J, F-22 and T-38C Talon module previouly disapear on 2013. - RAZBAM claimed a T-6 Texan II on 2013 and a T-2 Buckeye on 2014, A-7 on 2015, late that projects was rejected. - Kyney interctive 3rd party clamied a F-35 module previously disapear on 2013. - VEAO claimed a Short Tucano, Grov Tutor, H1112 Buchon and a Spitfire MkXIV on 2014, F-8F2 Bearcat on 2015, F4F Bearcar, Sea Fury, Goster Meteor F3, Eurofighter, Vampire Fb5 on 2016, the never complete P-40F, before 3rd party disolved. - Delz-Aviation claimed a Mig-19PM on 2014 before disapear. - Virtual Patriot L-39 modules on 2014, and ED star your module on 2016, ED realease first your module, and Virtual Patriot not continue your module develop, disapear after. - Belsimtek claimed a AH-1G, F-4E on 2014, before disapear and reintegrate into ED team. - Coretex claimed a F/A-18E module on 2014, but the team was split, and 3rd party was disolved some time after. - Red wing claimed a NH-90 and a Dornier Alpha Jet on 2016, after, the project was rejected and team disolved.on 2016. - Polychop claimed a Ju-87 Stuka on 2016, late, the project was rejected. - Leatherneck claimed Iwo Jima map on 2016, after move to M3, they never has confirm them and actually has none about a map in progress. - Tailored Radials claimed a DHC-4 Caribou on 2016, that never was completed or turn on a oficial module to DCS. - Black Cat Simulations claimed a Tu-22M3 on 2017, the team was disolved. And meanwhile, always has been mods creators.
  20. RAZBAM Mirage III Enviado desde mi RNE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  21. Silver_Dragon


    You talk as OctopusG "fanpage", but that page has been the official Octopus-G company page on FB, as ED, RAZBAM, etc FB pages...
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