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  1. Heatblur update /topic/301074-heatblur-mini-update-may-patch-changelogs-f-14-ajs-37/ Enviado desde mi RNE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  2. That can be "dead structures", or use the same system of damage sectors as ships. Enviado desde mi RNE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  3. That has no a issue, has a big feature with has none implement yet, and require a very big research and more personal, time and money to build them, if has into the ED plans. Enviado desde mi RNE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  4. Some years ago, Wags request info about M1 Abrams tank. None was talk about them. Enviado desde mi RNE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  5. FC-3 has a license product and ED maintan them. ED has no talk nothing about "defunt" FC-3. Someone need remember any mod cant get any reward by EULA. Only license 3rd parties and ED products can get a reward. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/license/ (d) remove any proprietary notices or labels from the Program or otherwise modify the Program without the prior written consent of Eagle Dynamics SA; and (e) exploit this Program or any of its parts commercially, including but not limited to use at a cyber cafe, computer gaming centre or any other location-based site. Eagle Dynamics SA may offer a separate Site Licence Agreement to permit you to make the Program available for commercial use; please refer to the contact information below; 3.2 You acknowledge that the Program has not been developed to meet your individual requirements and that it is therefore your responsibility to ensure that the facilities and functions of the Program as described in the Documentation meet your requirements. 3.3 You acknowledge that the Program may not be free of errors or bugs and you agree that the existence of any minor errors shall not constitute a breach of this Licence. 3.4 Video production by you using DCS products is allowed for Youtube advertisement revenue generation. 3.5 Re-sold product keys through "gray market" web sites will be blacklisted without notification. 4. PROGRAM UTILITIES 4.1 This Program may contain certain design, programming and processing utilities, tools, assets and other resources ("Program Utilities") for use with this Program that allow you to create customized new missions, campaigns, skins, terrain and other related materials for personal use in connection with the Program ("New Game Materials"). The use of any Program Utilities is subject to the following additional licence restrictions: (a) you agree that, as a condition to your using the Program Utilities, you will not use or allow third parties to use the Program Utilities and the New Game Materials created by you for any commercial purposes, including but not limited to selling, trading, renting, leasing, licensing, distributing, or otherwise transferring the ownership of such New Game Materials, whether on a stand alone basis or packaged in combination with the New Game Materials created by others, through any and all distribution channels, including, without limitation, retail sales and on-line electronic distribution. You agree not to solicit, initiate or encourage any proposal or offer from any person or entity to create any New Game Materials for commercial distribution. You agree to promptly inform Eagle Dynamics SA in writing of any instances of your receipt of any such proposal or offer; (b) if you decide to make available the use of the New Game Materials created by you to others, you agree to do so solely without charge, unless with prior approval and a licence from Eagle Dynamics SA. This includes selling of the New Game Material(s), donations, Kickstarter funding, and any other means in which funds are transferred to you for your New Game Materials. All such work must remain Freeware; (c) New Game Materials may be created only if such New Game Materials can be used exclusively in combination with the retail version of the Program. New Game Materials may not be designed to be used as a stand-alone product; (d) New Game Materials must not contain any illegal, obscene or defamatory materials, materials that infringe rights of privacy and publicity of third parties or (without appropriate irrevocable licences granted specifically for that purpose) any trademarks, copyright-protected works or other properties of third parties; (e) all New Game Materials must contain prominent identification at least in any on-line description and with reasonable duration on the opening screen: (a) the name and E-mail address of the New Game Materials' creator(s) and (b) the words "THIS MATERIAL IS NOT MADE OR SUPPORTED BY EAGLE DYNAMICS SA."; (f) all New Game Materials created by you shall be exclusively owned by Eagle Dynamics SA and/or its licensors as a derivative work (as such term is described under U.S. copyright law) of the Program and Eagle Dynamics SA and its licensors may use any New Game Materials made publicly available by you for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to, for purpose of advertising and promoting the Program. 4.2 With permission from Eagle Dynamics SA, in certain circumstances, you may be authorised to publish and distribute New Game Materials for gain. In this event you should first contact Eagle Dynamics SA to seek permission, and obtain the details of the terms and conditions at Eagle Dynamics SA, Av. de Florimont, 3, 1006, Lausanne, Switzerland. Attn. Business and Legal Affairs
  6. FC-4 never exist. ED has talk Mac has a standalone product. Enviado desde mi RNE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  7. ED has talk has none plans to build a FC-4, that only coming with MAC. The animated cockpics was presents from FC-3 released, but was only partial and missing many of them..
  8. No, MAC has a FC3 Style low fidelity, level entry, none clickable. ED none talk anything about semi-clickable.
  9. ED has confirmed the Mig-29 Module, after Ka-50-2, and coming as a Full Fidelity module. ED has none plans to improve FC3 or get more funtionality on cockpit clicable.
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