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Help Pickin CPU

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Well its time to get better CPU before FC3 comes out..... Current DCS World running on 1 screen with 30-40 FPS under these settings




and current specs are


CPU Intel I7 870 2.93GHZ usually runs at 3.8Ghz (keep loosing O.clocks since I changed V.card and have no ****in idea why its happening)


Ram 12GB 1600MHZ


V.Card Asus HD7970 Direct CU II Top Edition


Motherboard Gigabyte P55A-UD3R


Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit



Wondering whats my best CPU options with current motherboard for better FPS with a budget of 250 bucks (maybe bit more)..

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That's LGA 1156, not LGA775. Same thing applies though.


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Maybe save a little more and get a 2500k/2600k or IB, but you'll need a new mobo with them.

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yep, noticed that today,,, I also pushed my budget up since Microsoft surface pro wont be released till next year...


Currently thinking off





Would appreciate any advice I can get?

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I'm sort of in the same boat, since I moved to 3 main screen setup my frames are quite lower and I'm thinking of getting new CPU/mobo/RAM and I am not sure if replacing my i7 950 that's running at 4.2GHz to something like i7 2700K or i7 3770k is worth the cost... if I knew exact % I would get in DCS clock for clock and it's at least 50% improvement I would probably buy it, but if not the cost doesn't justify it and I'd have to wait till newer CPU's hit the shelves.


And this brings me to one point of how we can't play DCS on hisghest settings on most expensive PC's money can buy today, and I for few more years to come since Intel is now focusing on power reduction and this STUPID integration of graphics onto CPU (wasting transistors that could be used for calculations and more increase in CPU processing power and who the hell used onboard GPU for gaming anyway... as you can see I am pissed off about this)... only multithreading of the game engine can help now and there is still no hope for this to become a reality for few more years to come.


If you do go ahead and get this CPU/mobo please make test of before and after... with numbers and not just "feeling"

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How do I do the testing u need? I ll be buyin this week if I have free time..


Just pick a mission, note of all the settings in game and graphics driver, then write down FPS at start of mission, you can use FPS value say for F1, F2, F3, F4 view or even record short track and use FRAPS to records FPS.


Then when you get new PC repeat the process and you'll be able to compare FPS values and that'll be good enough to see what performance improvement you got

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