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Hardware System for Simers

Biting Bee

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Hi there all im Biting Bee,

i have design a new Hardware to control Flightsimulators.

It is compatible whit all Games and has a lot of nice features.



You can show my hardware here: http://www.cockpitbuilder.de

In my Download section you can see many more Informations

about my System. There is too a PDF File whit all informations about the System.


A lot of questions i have answered here direct Link -> Viperpits.org


If there is interest I would try more @ DCS Hard/Software.

If you have questions just ask.


Greetings Bee

Sorry for my bad english :)

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I buy the hardware at my local dealer

I layout the boards

I expose the boards

I etch the boards

I make 400 hole per hand drilling (Dremel)

I make 400 solder points

I programm the chip

I smoke a lot of zigaretts

I write the software

I smoke much more zigaretts

I have the responsibility

I grab the package

I walk to the post office



...and you mean "very promising" ^^ not really



:director:There is a price update on viperpits forum!





Greetings Bee

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Hey i like your card !!! :thumbup:


Loooooks really fine!


Diodes for rocker / toogle switches ?

Is this a matrix board?

Is there a save function for games too?

is there too a automaticly detection for switches? (syncron toggle whit ingame cockpit)




Greetings Bee

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Welcome here !


Would be nice to see some panels for the A-10 !









... for the beginning:

MS-7750 i5_2500K @4500MhzA



2 x SSD 120 GB

iijama 27 Zoll / iijama 24 Zoll touchscreen

TM HOTAS Warthog, TrackIR5, iControl, Saitek Combat Rudders, HELIOS, 6 panels ;) so far, working UFC, Phidgets LED 64 card, Tactile Feedback System, a wooden simpit with a racing seat ... to be continued


My pit so far:







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