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Need help setting Touch control + BS2 abris/shkval export to ipad


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Let me give it a try..it's been a while.



First.. the grab action is a grab of one window only.. so if you need two MFD's displayed, you have to place them on you secondary monitor next to an other and place the grab box around both of them so both are "grabbed" at one's.

Next you have to select what part of the grabbed window should be displayed in a button, the part with the Left MFD or Right MFD or what ever you grabbed.




Now the tricky part I'm not sure if I remember correctly..




The following code:



<body style="margin:0; margin-left:-500px"><imgwtyle="height:518px;width:998px"src="%touchirserver/grabber%"/><



says... "show from the grabbed window only the following part, starting from 500pix from upper left (margin 0, margin-left:-500px) a windows of the size 518 x 998" This will be displayed in the Button you created.




The size of the button is important.. you will noticed that the size will effect the way the 518x998 image will be displayed.. in this case a 518x998 size would be ideal. but not always possible when you try to display a grabbed window that should be smaller in you Layout. In that case you have to experiment with the correct x,y sizes.


So in you case you need to grab both the 300x400 and 400x300 at one´s. and make two buttons. One with a script that shows the 300x400 part of the grab and one button with the 400x300 grab.


btw with Grabbing I mean the functionality of Touch Controle server to get a picture of a part of you screen every so second.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your reply...now i have some idea what do to with what.. Thanks again..only thing i dont get is why you use left_mfd and left_mfds, and what is difference between the two web buttons?


Pilot from Croatia

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