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A10 Virtual Cockpit free on IPad. Bonus


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Forgive me if this is common knowledge. I'm moving around my setup/cockpit, Forgot I had the A10 Vc Free version so thought I'd have a look. Now here's the bonus. Regardless of whether you have an IPad or not the PC Server software has an excellent feature for arranging you display, MFDs and such. Up til now I've had to go in and out of the sim and edit the output file to get MFD's in the right spot on the extra monitor I use for them with the Thrustmaster MFD units.


With the VC software you can drag them around on screen and alter the size of them and get them aligned without the hassle of alt tabbing and reloading flights. Wish I'd found this a long I've ago.


You don't need an iPad to benefit either.


Apologies if this is well known but it put a smile on my face today :)




PS. Finally got to grips with my X52 pro as well so it's been a win win kind of Sunday

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