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flyable apache mod


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Hi guys,


I'm looking for a bit of assistance.

I made an AH64D mod that makes it flyable and uses the ka50 cockpit but I am stuck with a few parts.

When landing / sitting on the tarmac it will bob about as if it keeps sinking down then it will pop up again.

The landing gear wont sit correctly and will go back and forth very quickly.

No doubt the contact points are a a bit off.

Other than that it is good. Flys well and the missiles work :-)


Any ideas how I can remedy this?

It makes landing more difficult as when it makes contact with the ground the helicopter will tilt as if it was landed on uneven ground.



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the only way to remedy the landing gear contact is through the collision model.

A quick fix is to replace the collision model with another one that has better landing gear.

The Ka-50 model and mi-24 have working landing gear that interact correctly with the ground.

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Thanks for the reply,


I don't understand how the collision model can be incorrect, the model I am using is the default AH-64D that comes with DCS World / BS2.

Is the collision model not part of the 3D model?


I read a few other articles and they all seem to suggest it is part of the model.


Thanks again for the help.

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