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How to assign absolute independent Views to each seat ?


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Really don't know if this is the right forum section I'm posting it

, should I have it posted into the "How-to" ? - so if it doesn't fits , please move.


How to assign absolute independent Views to each seat ?

What did I missed ?


Below you will find a quote taken out from this thread: Reworked Cockpit Views with proper Neck

In a nutshell:

I'm working on a mod that redefines the eye-position/pivot point for more realism and a natural-feel when looking around with a head-tracker.


I'm facing now some serious problems in a Vehicle like the UH-1H that have multiple seat positions:


...a small update about the UH-1H Views:


(Did I ever mentioned that using simplifications in the design-phase will start to kick your butt when you try to do it 'right' in a later phase...?! things like this will force to rewrite code you thought that it was ready long ago.

It's very similar to building a house - you need a solid basis that gives you the possibility to add a bigger roof in a later stage .)


The Cockpit view limits of the Huey start to drive me nuts - They share all (Pilot/Co-Pilot/Left and Right Gunner) the same limits and snap-view.

These leads to unforeseen problems when trying to set plausible and realistic views.

For example: Having the flexible-sight in a perfect condition leads to a off-set of the Gunner-views - so it will be very inconvenient to aim at all without the red-cross helper.


Whatever you change - you will mess something else up.



ED/BELSIMTEK/and any developer that works on modules with multiple Seats :



Have a good look to give all seats a own View-set as this simplification we have right now will cause problems when you really want to do it right.


...Or simply tell me/us how to give each position a own independent view.

Or Did I missed something ? - please tell.


This kind of simplification reminds me of this:

Demo for a HUD that works in stereoscopic 3D



...Will still try to work out a compromise but don't have high hopes that it will work well in the end.

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Sorry for the BUMP! - but this question becomes somewhat urgent to me - whatever - a 'acknowledged' would be a very good pointer if there is no simple solution that you can offer to me.

BTW: I'm also have no fear to go the 'hard way' as long you point me in the right direction.


It seems that these functions where available pre 1.2.4 :

limits_6DOF[AB_212]  = {x = {-0.2, 0.5} ,  y = {-0.2,0.35},   z = {-0.2,0.8},roll = 90}
CockpitSeatPoint = {}
CockpitSeatPoint[AB_212] = {}
CockpitSeatPoint[AB_212][1] = {0.0, 0.0, -0.55}
CockpitSeatPoint[AB_212][2] = {0.0, 0.0, 0.55}
CockpitSeatPoint[AB_212][3] = {2.461, 0.5, -1.477}
CockpitSeatPoint[AB_212][4] = {2.461, 0.5, 1.515}

Seat_limits_6DOF  = {}
Seat_limits_6DOF[AB_212]  = {}
Seat_limits_6DOF[AB_212][1]  = {x = {-0.2, 0.5} ,  y = {-0.2,0.35},   z = {-0.2,0.8},roll = 90}
Seat_limits_6DOF[AB_212][2]  = {x = {-0.2, 0.5} ,  y = {-0.3,0.35},   z = {-0.8,0.2},roll = 90}
Seat_limits_6DOF[AB_212][3]  = {x = {-3.2, 1.0} ,  y = {-0.6,0.5},   z = {-0.25,1.4},roll = 90}
Seat_limits_6DOF[AB_212][4]  = {x = {-3.2, 1.0} ,  y = {-0.6,0.5},   z = {-1.4,0.25},roll = 90}



What happened to them ? - I tried many hours everything I could think of to re-enable this functionality again in 1.2.4 - but I failed.

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You did not mention it but snap views also need separate definitions, especially for the guy in the left seat. Since they are defined by deviations from the default forward view, if defined for the right seat, they will be useless when those same definitions are applied from a POV that originates a half a meter, or more, to the left.


I have not tried the existing defaults from the various seats but when I took a quick look from the right seat they were of little value with their current settings.



EDIT: Sorry Pete, did not mean to make you think someone answered your question...since I am sure you are watching this thread. ;)

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