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Is this a feature?


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Hello, here's my problem:


I exclusively fly the 27, and since 1.11 I noticed something. I lock the enemy's jammer signal using the radar in BVR mode, then launch an ER. Then after the burn through, I launch another ER. Sometimes (not always) the BVR suddenly switches to EOS by itself and turns off the radar. First I figured maybe somehow I lost radar lock, that's ok, but why does it switch to EOS? The logic would be that the system tries to reacquire the target with the EOS after losing radar lock, yet despite close range (about <10 km) it won't acquire using EOS either. And most frustrating is that when I turn the radar back on, I see the enemy (or its jammer signal as the case maybe, despite being within the burn through range) on the HUD radar display but can't lock it (jammer signal cant be locked either). So I switch back to NAV mode, then back to BVR, and behold, I can now lock (if I manage to survive that long).


I am not sure if this is a bug or a feature or a mechanization error on my part, but it sure is annoying. Any comments?

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