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How can I set up a bombardment at mission start?


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I'm trying to re-create a moment from an old favourite 'Wings of The Apache'. Basically I want an artillery/mortar strike on the airfield as soon as the mission begins. I tried setting up some artillery pieces with 'attack point' command. Problem is, it takes them 2 - 3 minutes to start firing (depending on skill) and then a while for the shells to travel to the airfield. So, I can be airborne already before the first rounds land.


I tried 'explosion' and a trigger zone, but then the explosion is continously in the same spot.


I also tried setting my units start time to a delayed time (ie 3 minutes after mission start). But then the mission begins and I'm stuck viewing the artillery pieces.


What I want is rounds landing randomly on the airfield from the moment I enter the cockpit.


Any suggestions?

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Hmmm... well when I've needed to do that in the past I just set up explosions in multiple zones around the airfield. The triggers can be set up such that explosion in zones happen at random conditions... a little bit of legwork but with some cloning shouldn't take too long to implement.


One thing I'd wonder is if you set the random up to 25% (as an example) and left it on a continuous condition time less 5 minutes if it would continuously check for "true" and set off an explosion each time for 5 minutes- or if it would only set off 1 explosion?


So basically 5-10 zones with continuous / random (10-25%) - time less than 5 minutes (300 seconds) / explosion of whatever size you're wanting.


That's probably how I would start trying something like that with triggers anyway.


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