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  1. Okay well this is in line with an issue I’m having- I’d set a couple units to immortal with the intention of allowing them to close within a certain distance while fighting and not dying. I set a stop condition for the immortal as a flag set to true when pet the red group moved into a zone. Unfortunately it doesn’t turn off. I ended up deactivating the immortal unit and activating a mortal one and that works but I’d like to figure out the stop condition issue.
  2. Well turns out it doesn’t matter. I’d read somewhere that they were only visible to the host- which I thought must have been a mistake. Tested it and... it wasn’t. So- doesn’t much matter anymore.
  3. Eh guys... Still puttering away on my Zugdidi Loop concept and found the Helper Gates were a great option for leading folks through the proper path. They are aligned with specific waypoints and that works great now that I've figured it out. I'm trying to set them up to a radio item so that folks can turn them on if they're new to the route or even turn them on and off for reference if needed... I'm trying to keep everything to a "by unit" basis so that they're not distracting for the entire coalition. The issue I'm having is once the gates get turned on there is no "turn off" gate function in the ME. I've tried setting certain values to the flags and using "switched condition..." I've tried a couple other small things but once they're on they want to stay on... Any thoughts?
  4. Hmmm in my experience with RTB in advanced waypoint actions the AI will just RTB when it hits that waypoint... It doesn’t make it run a check to see if it’ll make it another cycle and then send it home. Not sure if that’s changed?
  5. This is the part about DCS and all of its modules that nurtures my apprehension about 3rd party modules. Of course I have the Tomcat because... well... duh but this is the same issue modders and scripters have trying to keep up with subtle changes. You guys (3rd party devs) smash modules out of the ballpark in terms of quality and then ED changes "something" and now you've literally compromised an entire flight model- at least insofar as its relationships with the core program. And there's literally nothing "proactive" that you can do about it. ED does their thing, whatever that is- changing an 0 to an O for example in some code somewhere, and then you guys are left scrambling trying to clean up your own module. I'd expect better coordination between the 3rd party developers and the developers but apparently that's impossible.
  6. I’m not sure if things changed but you should be able to install each purchased module on multiple computers on a single account but you can’t play that account on two computers simultaneously online.
  7. Look up The civilian air traffic mod and the MOOSE Random Air Traffic scripts- very easy to implement for random military and civil air traffic. Highly versatile and requires very little if any scripting knowledge with excellent video guides on YouTube.
  8. I can't believe how relieved I am to see this again, finally. The switch out process was very easy and I thought there would be much more to it. If anyone has a similar problem and is concerned about the process just reach out to me and I'll walk you through it.
  9. A quick update on this. They figure it was the main PCB that failed... or perhaps it was just the USB cord that comes connected to the replacement PCB. They sent me the part and it arrived in good order but without instructions. The instructions were forwarded later on request by email but were just arrows pointing to things that needed to be done and a list of tools needed (phillips head screwdriver and a soldering pen / iron). The video you posted shows everything except what I need to do with the ground wire- which is basically solder it into place. I'm going to be doing that shortly so wish me luck.
  10. Don’t think it got mentioned but If you’ve spent some time placing static’s on a carrier and place one and switch aircraft type all of the statics you’ve placed will collapse to the center of the carrier deck stacked on top of one another. I’m also not sure if it’s a bug or intended but if you have copy and pasted a static linked to a unit, that pasted static shows that it is also linked however you need to click and select the unit again for the pasted items wings to be “stowed.”
  11. Thanks yeah they're saying it's likely a board problem so the replacement is X amount of $ and they can ship it out. They say it comes with instructions et al so I guess I'll see. I've asked for expedited shipping since I don't want to be out of the saddle all month.
  12. ENO


    Eh Windy- I was encountering issues very similar to what you were describing... almost in mil power on my downwind just trying to maintain between 10-15 units AOA and flying the indexer. Unfortunately my Warthog HOTAS stick crapped the bed recently so I haven't been able to fly for awhile but with less than 5000lbs of fuel, 2 phoenix, 2 Sparrow and 2 SW for whatever reason my setups were all over the place. I'll keep my eyes open for your posts and see if you figure it out.
  13. This is undoubtedly the more elegant way to do it- if you have any scripting experience or someone would Help with something specific. I recommend the MOOSE discord. I used to run a number of explosions at mission start to add some sense of a war torn region to my missions... and it worked reasonably well and since it happens almost immediately nobody sees them. With that said Pikey definitely has the better solution and would be what I’d have recommended if I had his scripting skills.
  14. Okay, well you shouldn't need the stop condition command to make the hover happen. All you need to do is set the waypoint where you want the hover to happen... set it for orbit... at 0kph or whatever and then set a stop condition for another flag. Once that "other" flag has been set the helicopter can move on to its next waypoint which can be a landing waypoint at your desired location.
  15. My suggestion is to set a "stop condition" as I recommended in my response to your initial thread. Your "next" waypoint should be a landing waypoint at your desired point. If set up properly, the chopper should fly to the "orbit" waypoint with a stop condition involving the desired flag being activated after a "time since flag" trigger. The following waypoint should be a "landing" waypoint and the normal destination... the chopper would, when the stop condition was reached, land at the desired location. Feel free to post the mission file here and I'll see if I can put it in play for you.
  16. I get a perverse pleasure in seeing that what little I know can still help people achieve their goals. I have no doubt that a script could help you achieve it more elegantly... but for now I'm glad you got what you were after! EDIT: Wait a sec... it looks like you started another thread... where are we at?
  17. Couldn't you just have it orbit at 0knts then "stop condition" using a flag to identify that the intent of the hover has been met? EDIT: Okay well I answered my own question and tested at least the orbit part. Set the unit to orbit at 0. It takes it 30-40 seconds to settle in at around 0 but it looks like it'll hold there until it reaches the stop condition. Set a small zone around the orbit location and set a flag for when the unit enters that zone. Then set a trigger to "time since flag" and set a second flag to when a certain time passes. Then set your stop condition in your orbit to "user flag" and that it's checked off. Of course you can use whatever other trigger to set a flag... then just refer to that flag when you want to "stop condition" the orbit. That's probably not a glamorous way to do it but it should work.
  18. You could just set a zone around each target tank and then set off an explosion at mission start using the "Explosion" trigger action... It would take some experimenting to figure out exactly what size of explosion would cripple the tank to a desired way but that's the first step I would try. I thought there may be a way to use the in game system to detect your rockets (there are options for detecting missiles and bombs in zones) and set off the explosion to make the effect really inspiring- but you'd need to figure out if your mission can be tailored in such a way that specific ordinance can be expected in the zone. You may be able to do that through MIST easily... I'm not that great with some of the deeper functionality in addEventHandler etc. Anyway, if it were me and I needed an easy solution I'd start by trying an explosion in all of the zones with tanks in them... and adjust the explosion so they were damaged but not destroyed.
  19. I took it apart and it looks okay- my suspicion is it’s compromised somewhere in the middle of the cable. Did they provide you with good support?
  20. I guess this is the better place for this thread- whoops. I tried the process recommended but it didn’t result in any changes. I did get a reply to my support ticket and they recommended the same process but also to have the firmware updater running- which wasn’t in the directions I saw. So I tried that on multiple computers and ports but to no avail. They’ve asked for some photos, the receipt from purchase, serial number etc so I’ve forwarded them that and await a reply.
  21. Tried different usb on same and different computers- another guy mentioned a situation where the firmware can be corrupted and a method to force an update so I’m going to try that.
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