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New G940 owner looking for tips


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Hi all G940 users, I just bought a set cheap secondhand and was wondering if you could give me some setup tips, common problems/mistakes, relevant threads. I have plugged them in and windows controller setup recognizes them so so far so good but i haven't had the chance to set up in DCS as my 3 year old son wont let me near it, so i figured i would see if anyone had some pointers while i wait till bedtime.




6600K @ 4.5 GHz, 12GB RAM, GTX 970, 32" 2K monitor.


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Hi there, my no.1 top tip is not to use the Logitech profiler but use the DCS controller options to assign buttons to the G940.


My second tip is personal preference, I use simFFB in Huey and in Black Shark. You should look it up and consider its benefits compared to how the stick reacts using DCS FFB in light of the G940s' draw backs. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=84883


The problem is that any FFB stick used in DCS should have a a linear response curve as any curvature will screw up the Force Trim mechanism, but a linear response curve requires very very steady hands

You see there is an area around the G940 stick centre that has zero FFB which makes for very "twitchy" control in this area. Your tiny inadvertent movements in this area are translated into huge stick movements in the sim.


My third tip is to look up the "Reversal bug" and then start planning a "Bodnar mod" for the throttle and pedals axes as I am planning to do in a couple of weeks from now:geek:


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