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dcs su-25T axis tune panel ?

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I don't have a Saitek x52 I have a Thrustmaster T-flight Hotas but when setting up controls I have found you need different settings for each aircraft. I have spent ages getting my settings to my liking so I hope this helps you. I find with aircraft like the su-25 and the A-10 you don't need any dead zone, perhaps because of the AFM i'm not sure but I have curvature at around 18 for roll and try 20 for pitch. I have slightly more for pitch as I find pitch can be slightly aggressive at times. Other FC3 aircraft non-AFM I find they need a bit of dead zone, keep curvature about the same 20. If you have the P-51(not sure if you do) I spent ages trying to get my controls right with the P-51 because I think DCS done a great job with this and its worth getting right. I have 3 deadzone for pitch curvature 22, 4 deadzone for roll, curvature 22. I found you need a bit of deadzone with the P-51 as it makes such a difference when trying to be precise and placing the pipper on a target. You may find this is of no use to you as I have a different stick but it may help, it can take a long time to get things to your liking so keep fine tuning.....

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