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Hideout - Unable to complete


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I have played Hideout a number of times since I got the A-10C module and it's always been fun, however recently the past couple of times I can never progress past clearing the camp. All coms with Uzi seem to work fine up until after I have called in SEAD and get confirmation from him to proceed my attack on the camp.


The past two times I have played this I have cleared the camp as usual but no longer get confirmation from Uzi that it is now clear and I should contact the Blackhawk flight and tell them to proceed.


The F10 option seems to simply disappear from the coms menu at some point and even though there is literally nothing left alive at the camp (even after checking with labels) I have no confirmation from Uzi and no way of progressing the mission any further.


Any ideas on this? I am a bit lost, have completed it a number of times in the past without issue but maybe I am doing something wrong now? Or is it bugged?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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