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Tornado movie, the director's (copyright free) cut

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I was asked if I could produce a copyright free version of my recent movie to go on a magazine cover disk. That probably won't happen now, but hardcore movie collectors might be interested in what happened when I ripped out the Google & F4 footage, created a new start, and replaced the music with muzak by the Flanker Filmworks Filharmonic.


Then again, you might not if you have a musical ear. I never could play in time... or tune. Still, what do you expect for free. ;-)


The 94Mb file's only up on rapidshare for now.




The original is still up at...




Andrew McP

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Very nice screenplay, superb shots and good story! Although I have not recognized any fancy video filter effects as in some other movies (Glowing_Amraam, just to mention one). But camera angles and story are more important to such movies I think. But as an extra bonus you could have used some video effects.


And the sound, well it was self composed, which I respect. But great (rock) songs bring more atmosphere to the movies, and I assume one is allowed to use such songs, if not for commerce, right?


I love the vid. :icon_syda

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I assume one is allowed to use such songs, if not for commerce, right?


Wrong. :-)


If something is copyrighted, then officially you have to pay for using it, or -- at the very least -- get permission from the creators & performers for using it. That's why ED/Ubi never used community movies for official promotion.


So far, movies made from games have been ignored by music companies. But the industry is now prosecuting people who share music files and there is *no* legal difference between sharing an mp3 and an avi containing that mp3. It's still illegal, and one day Sony or someone else will start to look at this problem.


Until then though we stick our heads in the sand and hope it'll never happen to us. ;-)


Anyway, as I said above, this movie might go onto a magazine cover disk. So the copyrighted music had to go. So did the Google and Falcon4 clips because I hadn't got permission to use them. Ok, Google Earth is free for personal use, but once you start to use that software for something which isn't in the EULA, you're on a rocky road!


I think that's enough on the subject for now. Sorry for being so boring. :-)


Andrew McP


PS > I love the vid.


Thanks. I prefer the original, but that's because I always start with the music in my head, then build the movie around the music. The new version suffers because the music binding it all together has changed, and the two no longer work together as a team in quite the same way.


Oh, and I don't use a lot of special effects in my movies because I make movies to show what LOMAC can do, rather than what *I* can do. I also don't have the same skill that GA and LOC have when it comes to special effects. Maybe if I did I might use more effects. :-)


Having saids that, this version of the movie does use a little sharpening, a tiny bit of "glow", and some HSV tweaking to boost the colours. This is the first time I've used such things because I only just realised I could apply them to the whole movie at once rather than applying them to each of the many scenes.

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