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VNAO-CVW7-JOW The nature of the virtual Sidewinders as a group is to work as a team, with every member contributing and improving each other. While we strive for perfection in our operations, we do so with humble professionalism, always ingesting new knowledge with the attitude that everyone here is a student - and instructor. Welcome to the Sidewinder brotherhood.
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    Full-fledged, running campaigns individually designed by JOW and VNAO members. Campaigns will last anywhere from 2-3 months, adhering to realistic, scenario driven events. Start times may be TBD at times, but typically 2100 EST / 1800 PST every Sunday.
  3. JOW and VNAO Navy training night where we work on areas needed for improvement, instruction, and/or just fun. Typically, a joint event with multiple sister squadrons, on and around the boat. Times start 2100 EST / 1800 PST every Friday.

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