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  1. Looking to buy a Virpil grip. It can be ANY Virpil grip, fixed wing or collective. Located in U.S., thanks!
  2. Interested in this mod! I also bought a collective from you! Please PM me info!
  3. Hello again sir! Whats your lead time currently, to have a collective in hand in the US?
  4. whats your current lead time sir?
  5. Sorry for the late response fellas. So the only stuff I have left is the HP Reverb G2 which I finally put a number on ($475) and the Foxx Mount Center Desk Mount Long ($115). I unfortunately do not have a gofundme, while I do sincerely appreciate the thought, I wouldn't feel right taking someone's hard earned money but I thank you very kindly nonetheless. Means alot to me that you would even offer!
  6. **Update** Virpil Throttle and Track iR5 are now sold! Sorry Hartbanson, it sold to someone on reddit for the full asking price. Was waiting to respond until it was a done deal in case he backed out.
  7. Thanks Dburne, very much appreciated sir! UPDATE!! VKB BASE and GRIP have been SOLD! Thank you Nerves for a smooth transaction! EVERYTHING else is STILL available! Also I'm going to try and add pics to the post, otherwise I can message you pics via Facebook or text if needed.
  8. Thank you guys, I really appreciate it! Guys please let me know if some of my prices are too high/low, I honestly don't know were/what the market is doing right now. I briefly looked to try and get a quick idea, thanks!
  9. TOTAL SELLOUT, HIGHEND GEAR! All gear is basically NEW with very few hours. Well kept and meticulously cleaned. Decided to get back into to flight sims after taking a lengthy break and just bought all this stuff not long ago. The wife got sick with Cancer shortly after my shopping spree so I haven't really had the time for it plus we need the money: VKB Gunfighter MK3 with MCG Pro grip and twist gimbal addon, also has longer 20cm curved extension comes with baseplate and all original springs, cams, and parts ($400). Virpil MT50 CM2 Throttle ($400). MFG Crosswinds newer Gen 3 Rudders ($300). Literally brand new and unused Mikail/K51 (DCS Forums) helicopter collective (very high quality) ($300?). Track iR 5 with Track Clip Pro. Its the real Track iR 5 not the knockoff ($120). FoxxMount Extended/Long Desk Mount and Plate (fox is currently not making/selling these I think) ($120). And possibly (haven't decided for sure yet on my VR headset) HP Reverb G2. I accept PayPal Goods and Services. I'm located in Alabama and shipping will be prompt. I will split the shipping with buyer. Feel free to message me with any questions. Have been out of the loop for awhile, hopefully my prices are in line with market prices. Thanks for looking! EDIT!!!! I tried to add pics but couldn't go over 5mb for some reason so here's one pic of everything, I have a bunch of individual pictures I can provide some other way if needed.
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