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  1. @toutenglisse yes your mission file works. finally i can see the light. but only after a lot of flags. Still it would be nice to be able to tell the chopper to orbit whereever it is (not waypoint dependent) - like a HOLD command. Didnt the mission editor have that at one point? Hello, ED?
  2. Switched waypoint does not work. The chopper will only orbit. It seems once that task is in the queue, any additional task gets back burnered.. I even tried putting a command (group resume) in the activation tab (propeller symbol) of the unit's property page and invoking that script with an AI push action. However, I can get the chopper to follow me if I put a 'follow' instruction in the activation tab. But that's not really what rescue helos do-they need to follow their track and when they encounter the rescue site, a script of that waypoint executes to make them land.
  3. thank you. I did figure it out thanks to the clear commands your app sets up in the mission editor.
  4. @dark_woodok thank you. Yeah after 'resume' he just flies east. And that's with the latest update in the open beta that came out today. That's a non starter. The helo has a rescue mission and I want it to hang out at a specific waypoint until ordered to proceed to the next waypoint. According to this: https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/Mission_Editor:_AI_Tasking If I select engage task instead of perform task, the helo should resume its track. However, engage task is not available as a triggerred action.
  5. I have tried using advanced waypoint conditions to control AI flying but failed. For example, I want a chopper to go to waypoint 2 and orbit if I select an orbit command from the F10 menu. My code consists of a 'Mission Start' trigger that adds a radio item 'orbit chopper' with a flag #10 set to 1. It also sets a flag#11 to 0 The waypoint has an advanced directive 'orbit' with the condition flag #10 =1 and and escape condition of flag#11=1 My code also includes a 'Mission Start' trigger that adds a radio item 'resume track' with a flag #11 set to 1 . IT also sets flag#10 to 0. The choppers ignore my commands. This is very similar to using waypoint triggers in other scenarios. I'd like to try an example that works.
  6. Sorry to be dense but could you please point me to an example?
  7. I have 2 AI support choppers that I want to be able to command to stop following their waypoints and orbit as well as to resume their orbit through the F10 menu. This is what I have so far but is incomplete and cannot get it to work: TWO helicopters each with several waypoints. WAYPOINTS 0 and 1 along the choppers route have these Advanced (WAYPOINT ACTIONS) ORBIT Condition FLAG 91 is checked Stop Condition FLAG 92 is checked THEN I have these triggers TRIGGER: MISSION START NAME: CHOPPERS ORBIT ACTIONS: RADIO ITEM ADD FOR COALITION BLUE NAME: Choppers orbit FLAG: 91 VALUE: 1 SET FLAG VALUE FLAG: 92 VALUE: 0 TRIGGER: MISSION START NAME: CHOPPERS RESUME ACTIONS: RADIO ITEM ADD FOR COALITION BLUE NAME: Choppers resume FLAG: 91 VALUE: 0 SET FLAG VALUE FLAG: 92 VALUE: 1 Do I need to have another trigger that is a switched condition that checks for the flags and does something? I tried to make such a trigger with the ACTION for GROUP AI OFF but I cannot select the choppers.
  8. I realize it is possible to load music into a mission file and play it through a vhf or uhf or fm station. But how about getting dcs to hook into pandora? spotify? tidal? I hate to be an advocate for microservices and in app purchasing, but this would make flying more immersive. Yes I know I could run an app on my pc and play the music, but that cannot be done in multiplayer.
  9. Got this working in the Apache. Used 135 vhf AM. I tried to create a second radio station but that's a no go. The app just updates the existing plkaylist. Another way to play music is simply to create a unit on the map and add these advanced commands: 1)perform command, set freq 2)perform command, start transmission Although one or the other works, I cannot get both to work - the idea being to have more than one station. I think since DCS is a single core app, it really cannot handle concurrent processes well. @ShaunX is there a possibility of having more than one station?
  10. Having trouble managing a server on my LAN I have installed DCS open beta server. I have successfully installed and run a mission on this machine that other people can join from around the world. I can start, stop, manage the server from the local WebGUI. When I go to my profile page in EagleDynamics website, I can find my server(named 'pickles') and it is active. The profile page shows the correct server IP (the external IP of my router) and the port. When I click on the name of my server tho, I do not get the active server as seen in the WebGUI. Rather, I get a default blank screen with an inactive server named DCS Server (see image below) If Eagle Dynamics is seen my server on my profile page, why can I not administer it? The reason I want to do this is because the server is running on a pc in a storeroom and I'd rather not trudge down to the machine when I want to make a change. Yes I could install VNC but I thought this was an easier way. null
  11. yes, i was trying to avoid a rotary encoder but it looks like that's what i'll need to do.
  12. I am running the latest openbeta of DCS. I have a TotalControls button box. I also built my own button box with two controllers in it. One controller (named Arduino Leonardo)runs 6 dials on the left side of the box and the other controller (named Serial-Keyboard-Joystick) runs the 6 dials on the right side of the box. (I needed two controllers because windows limits the number of recognizable axes per usb device to 7) These are my bindings for the HUEY axes: You can see the left dials run the lights and the right dials run the radio volumes. But the intercom volumes are not assignable for either of my new controllers. However the Total controls box allows thesde volume axes to be defined. To better understand what is going on, I decided to make a virgin install of DCS and also have a separate saved games entry for it by modifying the dcs_variant.txt file. My regular DCS game has a dcs_variant.txt whose first and only line is 'openbeta'. The new virgin DCS instal has a dcs_variant.txt file whose first and only line is 'pure'. This way I can keep all settings separate. After running the new virgin DCS open beta install I have a new folder in my saved games folder titled 'DCS.pure'. I still have my usual 'DCS.openbeta' folder. This is what the bindings for the Huey axes looks like for the 'DCS pure version': Many fewer axes. Notice, no intercom volumes. I must have done something to my regular DCS install . So I checked the default.lua files for the regular DCS install and the new 'pure' one. They are on different drives C:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\Uh-1H\Input\UH-1H\joystick\default.lua D:\DCS World OpenBetaPURE\Mods\aircraft\Uh-1H\Input\UH-1H\joystick\default.lua I did a 'diff' and they are identical. Here is the relevant section from the axes definitions axisCommands = { -- joystick axes {combos = defaultDeviceAssignmentFor("roll") , action = iCommandPlaneRoll , name = _('Flight Control Cyclic Roll') }, {combos = defaultDeviceAssignmentFor("pitch") , action = iCommandPlanePitch , name = _('Flight Control Cyclic Pitch')}, {combos = defaultDeviceAssignmentFor("rudder") , action = iCommandPlaneRudder, name = _('Flight Control Rudder') }, {combos = defaultDeviceAssignmentFor("thrust") , action = iCommandPlaneCollective, name = _('Flight Control Collective')}, {action = device_commands.Button_26, cockpit_device_id = devices.ENGINE_INTERFACE, name = _('Throttle')}, -- systems {action = device_commands.Button_28, cockpit_device_id = devices.NAVLIGHT_SYSTEM, name = _('Overhead Console Light Knob'), category = _("Ins Overhead panel")}, {action = device_commands.Button_29, cockpit_device_id = devices.NAVLIGHT_SYSTEM, name = _('Pedestal Light Knob'), category = _("Ins Overhead panel")}, {action = device_commands.Button_30, cockpit_device_id = devices.NAVLIGHT_SYSTEM, name = _('Secondary Instrument Light Knob'), category = _("Ins Overhead panel")}, {action = device_commands.Button_31, cockpit_device_id = devices.NAVLIGHT_SYSTEM, name = _('Engine Instrument Light Knob'), category = _("Ins Overhead panel")}, {action = device_commands.Button_32, cockpit_device_id = devices.NAVLIGHT_SYSTEM, name = _('Copilot Instrument Light Knob'), category = _("Ins Overhead panel")}, {action = device_commands.Button_33, cockpit_device_id = devices.NAVLIGHT_SYSTEM, name = _('Pilot Instrument Light Knob'), category = _("Ins Overhead panel")}, {action = device_commands.Button_12, cockpit_device_id = devices.ADF_ARN_83, name = _('ADF Gain Knob'), category = _("ADF Set Control panel")}, {action = device_commands.Button_15, cockpit_device_id = devices.VHF_ARC_131, name = _('VHF FM Radio Volume Knob'), category = _("VHF FM Radio Control panel")}, {action = device_commands.Button_14, cockpit_device_id = devices.INTERCOM, name = _('C1611 Intercom Volume Knob'), category = _("Intercom Control Panel")}, {action = device_commands.Button_17, cockpit_device_id = devices.UHF_ARC_51, name = _('UHF Radio Volume Knob'), category = _("UHF Radio Control panel")}, {action = device_commands.Button_5, cockpit_device_id = devices.MARKER_BEACON, name = _('Marker Beacon Volume Knob'), category = _("Systems")}, -- TrackIR axes {action = iCommandViewVerticalAbs, name = _('Absolute Camera Vertical View')}, {action = iCommandViewHorizontalAbs, name = _('Absolute Camera Horizontal View')}, {action = iCommandViewHorTransAbs, name = _('Absolute Horizontal Shift Camera View')}, {action = iCommandViewVertTransAbs, name = _('Absolute Vertical Shift Camera View')}, {action = iCommandViewLongitudeTransAbs, name = _('Absolute Longitude Shift Camera View')}, {action = iCommandViewRollAbs, name = _('Absolute Roll Shift Camera View')}, {action = iCommandViewZoomAbs, name = _('Zoom View')}, }, --Cargo view {down = device_commands.Button_1, cockpit_device_id = devices.EXTERNAL_CARGO_VIEW, value_down = 1, name = _('Cargo View'), category = _('View')}, } so then I compared the files for the arduino C:\Users\Stefan\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config\Input\UH-1H\joystick\Arduino Leonardo {160073F0-CC93-11ec-8006-444553540000}.diff.lua C:\Users\Stefan\Saved Games\DCS.pure\Config\Input\UH-1H\joystick\Arduino Leonardo {160073F0-CC93-11ec-8006-444553540000}.diff.lua No difference here either. so then I decided to investigate a file I added some time ago to my regular install: C:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\Uh-1H\Input\UH-1H\joystick\Total Controls MFBB.lua This file does not exist in the 'pure DCS install'. I added it because I was trying to adapt the total controls box to my A10C In this file I put a LOT of AXES definitions axisCommands = { {action = 3009, cockpit_device_id = 4 , name = _('CMSP - Adjust Display Brightness'), category = _('CMSP')}, {action = 3006, cockpit_device_id = 5 , name = _('CMSC - Adjust Display Brightness'), category = _('CMSC')}, {action = 3007, cockpit_device_id = 5 , name = _('CMSC - Volume Knob'), category = _('CMSC')}, {action = 3006, cockpit_device_id = 37 , name = _('Throttle Friction Control'), category = _('Engine System')}, {action = 3003, cockpit_device_id = 41, name = _('Environmental - Canopy Defog'), category = _('Environmental')}, {action = 3009, cockpit_device_id = 41, name = _('Environmental - Flow Level Control'), category = _('Environmental')}, {action = 3013, cockpit_device_id = 41, name = _('Environmental - Temp Level Control'), category = _('Environmental')}, --{action = 3001, cockpit_device_id = 35, name = _('Altimeter - Set Pressure'), category = _('Altimeter')}, {action = 3009, cockpit_device_id = 49, name = _('Lighting Panel - Formation Lights'), category = _('Lighting Panel')}, {action = 3001, cockpit_device_id = 49, name = _('Lighting Panel - Engine Inst Lights'), category = _('Lighting Panel')}, {action = 3002, cockpit_device_id = 49, name = _('Lighting Panel - Flight Inst Lights'), category = _('Lighting Panel')}, {action = 3003, cockpit_device_id = 49, name = _('Lighting Panel - Aux Inst Lights'), category = _('Lighting Panel')}, {action = 3005, cockpit_device_id = 49, name = _('Lighting Panel - Flood Lights'), category = _('Lighting Panel')}, {action = 3006, cockpit_device_id = 49, name = _('Lighting Panel - Console Lights'), category = _('Lighting Panel')}, {action = 3015, cockpit_device_id = 49, name = _('Lighting Panel - Refuel Status Indexer Lights'), category = _('Lighting Panel')}, {action = 3016, cockpit_device_id = 49, name = _('Lighting Panel - Weapon Station Lights. No function'), category = _('Lighting Panel')}, {action = 3018, cockpit_device_id = 49, name = _('Lighting Panel - Refueling Lighting Dial'), category = _('Lighting Panel')}, --{action = 3001, cockpit_device_id = 45, name = _('HSI - Heading Set Knob'), category = _('HSI')}, --{action = 3002, cockpit_device_id = 45, name = _('HSI - Course Set Knob'), category = _('HSI')}, {action = 3001, cockpit_device_id = 47, name = _('ADI - Pitch Trim Knob'), category = _('ADI')}, {action = 3003, cockpit_device_id = 48, name = _('SAI - Standby ADI Knob rotary'), category = _('SAI')}, {action = 3005, cockpit_device_id = 74, name = _('TACAN - Audio Volume'), category = _('TACAN')}, {action = 3001, cockpit_device_id = 52, name = _('Stall - Volume'), category = _('Stall')}, {action = 3002, cockpit_device_id = 52, name = _('Stall - Peak Volume'), category = _('Stall')}, {action = 3011, cockpit_device_id = 54, name = _('UHF Radio - Volume'), category = _('UHF Radio')}, {action = 3005, cockpit_device_id = 55, name = _('VHF/AM Radio - Volume'), category = _('VHF AM Radio')}, {action = 3005, cockpit_device_id = 56, name = _('VHF/FM Radio - Volume'), category = _('VHF FM Radio')}, {action = 3002, cockpit_device_id = 58, name = _('Intercom - INT Volume'), category = _('Intercom')}, {action = 3004, cockpit_device_id = 58, name = _('Intercom - FM Volume'), category = _('Intercom')}, {action = 3006, cockpit_device_id = 58, name = _('Intercom - VHF Volume'), category = _('Intercom')}, {action = 3008, cockpit_device_id = 58, name = _('Intercom - UHF Volume'), category = _('Intercom')}, {action = 3010, cockpit_device_id = 58, name = _('Intercom - AIM Volume'), category = _('Intercom')}, {action = 3012, cockpit_device_id = 58, name = _('Intercom - IFF Volume'), category = _('Intercom')}, {action = 3014, cockpit_device_id = 58, name = _('Intercom - ILS Volume'), category = _('Intercom')}, {action = 3016, cockpit_device_id = 58, name = _('Intercom - TCN Volume'), category = _('Intercom')}, {action = 3018, cockpit_device_id = 58, name = _('Intercom - Master Volume'), category = _('Intercom')}, {action = 3005, cockpit_device_id = 44, name = _('HARS - Latitude Dial'), category = _('HARS')}, {action = 3007, cockpit_device_id = 44, name = _('HARS - Push-to-sync rotary'), category = _('HARS')}, {action = 3001, cockpit_device_id = 29, name = _('RWR Adjust Display Brightness'), category = _('RWR')}, {action = 3013, cockpit_device_id = 38, name = _('SAS - Yaw Trim'), category = _('SAS')}, }, As you can see, I just copied a file from the A10C directory- there are a lot of controls listed which do not actually exist in the Huey. I had made this file because I wanted to use the Total controls box in the Huey so I thought I needed it back then but it turned I didnt. I just forgot to delete that file. This clears up why I have so many more axes in my regular install. The Total Controls lua file which I had created was adding a bunch of bindable axes. However, these extra bindable controls were irrelevant. I removed the TotalControls.lua files from the game install directory and now the axes list in the Huey looks like the one in the 'pure install' Since I just want to be able to bind the VHF Am and Nav Comm volumes (VHF COMM and NAV comm at the top left of the pedestal) I need to find out what those ids are and add them to the default.lua file. I wrote all this up in case anyone else tries to fiddle with the game install files. It turns out you dont have to and all that needs to be done is adjust the default.lua file to add those controls to be bindable if they are not bindable by default.
  13. I downloaded this mission for the Huey https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/search/?q=hover&s=Search I added an apache but the script does not seem to work. Even the units are not properly placed. For example, there is a HUEY whose mission is labeled 'hover-practice-normal'. I put an apache right next to it. Both are set to skill Client. When I get in the huey, the streip is line with a course and red flags. When I get in the Apache-there is nothing-no course, no people and no voice narration either. There are no waypoint actions attached to the huey. There is a single trigger labeled ONCE (briefing-hover, NO EVENT) with 4 pictures that are supposed to be shown-I assume these are the instructions that appear when in the Huey. But they never show up for the Apache. And there are no triggerzones over the hover course so how does it know when to pop up these pictures. And how does it know to narrate with voice? In this mission, https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312548/ the huey is given the skill-Player. When I add an apache, it cannot be player, rather the skill is Client. And when I try to put it next to the huey I get an error dialog that says to put it on smooth land. So I added a helipad and it let me put the apache on the ground. But now when I follow the leader, I am not scored.Despite the fact that a similar performance when I flew the huey was 240.
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