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  1. I can back this up too. Have a mission with four SA-11 launchers space around an airfield. Waypoints right on the launchers, at target altitude. All four JSOWS dispensed at the right spots and bomblets exploded all around the targets. One target destroyed, one damaged, two without a scratch.
  2. No need to purchase - Marianas is an additional free map, like Caucasus. You just need to add it from either the Mod Manager or the Steam DLC tab, depending on the version you use.
  3. This is awesome! I'll be using that one a lot. Any interest in doing their normal or Have Glass V schemes? Someone replied to my first post saying they'd been done, but your anniversary skin is the only 457th skin out there.
  4. The prices don't have anything to do with the free trial - it doesn't show up on the Store pages for DCS or the modules. If it works like last time, once the trial is open on Steam, you right click on DCS in your Steam Library, click Properties, and then the DLC tab. Once the trial begins, you'll have check boxes for all the modules. Click the ones you want to install, then OK, and DCS will install the trial modules. It took me forever to figure that out during the spring trial period.
  5. 457th Fighter Squadron, Air Force Reserve Could someone do a skin for the 457th Fighter Squadron from Fort Worth, home town of the F-16? I've searched and looked through the files manually but didn't see one. The 457th is part of the Air Force Reserve's 301st Fighter Wing based at NAS Fort Worth. Tail code is TX and they have Texas flag tail flash similar to the San Antonio-based Vipers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/457th_Fighter_Squadron They have at least one jet in the Have Glass V paint scheme for those who are fans of the new look. http://www.f-16.net/g3/f-16-photos/album38/album67/86-0222-760648039
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