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  1. Hmmm,...Too arcadish, F16 avionic, crap FM, and so on......
  2. Better for you to say all thinks when you make a poll... "political campaign" ??? explain, please
  3. Sorry, but i don't care to read your previews posts. I read only your POLL. and your poll is nonsense.
  4. hmmm...Pilotasso, this poll is nonsens what do you do with su25/su25t/ka50. Do you think that Ed will forget this planes, after lockon ? I think No. I hope no. And 2 planes is to much time and ressources (and 2 planes for an add-on) ,lol, its a joke What we have have actually with AFM and good avionic .. su25/su25t, soon ka50 with advanced avionic Then A better choice is 1) a western counterpart a10(for exemple) or, and its better, 2) a russian multirole fighter mig29sm/k, su 27smt and then we have a complete simulator oops, sorry for my english, lol ...
  5. Simulation of what ? simulation of war, simulation of flight. Ok, just kidding :) I am sure, BS will rock (ED is a great Team, actually the best i think), but sommetimes i don't anderstand how they define their priorities
  6. Then, wait for tanks killers
  7. Yes, or even better, wait for BlackShark :)
  8. A very good link :http://www.saunalahti.fi/fta/ruaf-3-8.htm "The R-27 Izdieliye 470 entered production phase in 1986 and is now Russia's primary intermediate-range missile in air-to-air missile category. The first service versions of the missile were semi-active radar homing missile R-27R (Alamo-B) and infrared missile R-27T (Alamo-A). Both versions use inertial guidance with data link commands from the launching aircraft in the first phase of the flight."
  9. R-27T/ET ir sensor range 8 mn, field of view:2.5°, Guimbal limits :20° R-73 ir sensor range 16 mn, field of view:2.5°, Guimbal limits :60°
  10. A russian specialist said : (r-27) In the case of the IR homing versions the target is initially acquired by the fighter radar, wherupon target information is download to the missile's seeker head; ...For the radar homing versions the course of action is the same........It is possible to fire r-27R(Er) before target lock-on is achieved; in this case the missile receives mid-course guidance via a special command link until it comes within lockon range. The mid-course correction feature increase the effective kill range......
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