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  1. This game is not a platform for political statement, please have a neutral avtar. 

  2. Dear ED, I have noticed people are showing the colours of a certain state in their Avtar or whatever. This is not a political game/simulation and I ask that all members of this community refrain from political inference. Mizzy
  3. Has work started on this variant by HB? It's my favourite variant and one of my all time favoutites. Mizzy
  4. For me, it has to be a F4-B or the UK F4 variant. I can't stand the long nose snout versions with a prolonged second snout underneath the big snout. Vietnam and UK are the best variants and maybe a 'Kickstart' Vietnam funding campaign is the only way to get the F4 in DCS. I am in for £1000. Mizzy
  5. You really work hard for this community and thank you. Keep it up ! Mizzy
  6. Dear fellows and felines. This is a matter of concern due to 'Covid' and the ridiculous prices of GPUs. I, like many, invest in our computer rigs with regularity. This has not been possible since 'Covid' and the classical Kanesian economic model of 'supply and demand' is evident in price of the said GPU's. How will this affect DCS in the near future and it's development? We, as consumers, cannot afford the GPU price tags. How will this affect DCS development in the short/medium term ? Mizzy
  7. But the level of realism was not on a realistic level. This is not the point of my post, read it again !
  8. It could also do with a face lift and use the graphical enhancements of 2.7
  9. I bought Su27 Flanker in 1996 just after it was published, I was 31 years old and now nearing 60 years old. I remember a game called European Air War (EAW) and had a fantastic following in the late 1990s/early 2000. One of the developers I recall went on to develop 'Strike Fighters' series..Anyway I digress, one of the features of DCS has always been missing and that's an 'Action Camera' feature. Basically it's a camera that follows the action of a mission. I think Falcon 4 had one as well. Err, where was I !... Oh yes, the action camera; is it possible to implement an action camera feature in DCS like EAW and Falcon 4? Mizzy
  10. Err yeah, anyway back to the F5 II
  11. When is the Tiger II going to be updated to 2.7 ? Mizzy
  12. How do I get on the testing team LOL
  13. Mizzy

    RAZ F-15E AFM

    If my memory recalls, the Chinese Asset pack had a J11 (flanker) thingy in it and it was a modified ED Flanker model and FM that ED gave Dekaworks, so it's not out of the range of possibility that ED may well be working with RAZBAM on the F15E. RAZBAM have been with ED a long time and much trust I would imagine. I personally love RAZBAMs work, very professional, I just wish they would do the early Skyhawks they did for MSFS 2004, such a shame they have not, but this is OT so I will shut up now.
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