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  1. I dont' know for sure what that feature is on the F-15C. But I believe that the F-15E has its ADF antenna in just that location as a flush skin antenna. So maybe its the same.
  2. It just ocurred to me that with these six degrees of freedom, the zoom function could be redundant. If it can be set up so that moving closer to the screen zooms the view sufficiently, that could replace the zoom wheel on my X45. How about that! :-)
  3. I disagree. A full implementation of the advanced flight physics engine across all featured aircraft would appeal most to the hardcore flightsim enthusiasts (like me :p ). The problem is, that there aren't very many of these people and most of them should have Lock:On already. UBI tried to pitch the first release of Lock:On at a more mainstream market, which failed to get the kind of sales they were hoping for (largely due to forgetting to market the product properly, misunderstandings about what the program was really about, etc.) I don't believe that there are large numbers of potential customers for Lock:On out there that don't know about it yet. So expanding the customer base is out, what now? Eagle have gone over to creating a sequence of product updates taylored to the flightsim fan that keeps a stream of entusiasts coming back for more at every update. Thus they don't need to increase their customer-base so much as create a base of repeat-customers. And since those customers are raving nutters about everything flight simulation related ;) Eagle can charge much more for the product (i.e what it is really worth IMO). I really hope this business model works out for them and I for one WILL keep coming back for more!
  4. My mistake! GBU-10 and -24 differ in guidance section, but share the Mk-84 (or BLU-109) warhead. Even bigger bang then! :D
  5. Nope, sorry. The 2000 pounder is the -24. The GBU-10 is 1000 lb. That was one hell of a bang nonetheless, though. A part of me would have liked to have seen that.
  6. That F-15E kill by Capt. Richard Bennet and Capt. Dan Bakke was actually a GBU-10 (1000 lb). They cleanly guided it to impact and it "vaporised" the chopper. Technically that would be described as PWNED, yes. Also during patrols in the no-fly-zones Strike Eagle crews made high-speed passes close to Iraqi helicopters, on more than one occasion causing them to emergency land or crash.
  7. Guys, in order to produce a 'super-giga-photo-realistic' movie output, all the textures, shaders and geometry in the game would need to support a level of detail 10x higher than anything that could ever be run 'in-game' in realtime. Does spending the man-hours (years?) to create all this make sense? I thought not... Better spend the time on performance tweaking and content.
  8. Keep in mind though, that realistic radar behaviour with terrain masking etc. would likely require a completely new algorithm based on raytracing. This is difficult to develop and would be CPU intensive (imagine dozens of radar systems in theater at the same time). What might help as a first step for ground based units is defining fixed detection volumes in the simulation space, based on earth curvature and range. And maybe one could introduce a detection and a tracking probability variable that scales with range,altitude,jamming,etc. This ought to eliminate some of the most glaring EWR inaccuracies.
  9. That fixed it. Thanks Nate! :horseback
  10. I have a small issue with the cockpit view (tested on SU-25t). It is the same that existed with v1.0, where geometry within the FOV is clipped. When looking out the side window one will see missiles or the ground clipped in half, depending on the zoom level. Also, looking through the front window, I see the two pitot tubes floating in thin air, without the nosecone.
  11. I guess this will change with the newest 'A-10C' mod that gives the Hog a targeting pod (Litening II). With the laser range-finder in the pod, it should be possible to get the precise slant range to the spot under the pipper, making use of the Rad-Alt unnecessary. How does that sound?
  12. Yeah, I had my wing shot off once and switched jets with the wingman. He kept on flying my broken bird and even pressed the attack on ground units!! :P
  13. I use a Saitek X45 and the associated software to send key presses to LockOn. To do this I have to remove any functions assigned to the X45 WITHIN Lockon (only buttons, axes remain assigned from withing Lockon). Could you please add a button 'Clear all button associations' since it is exeedingly tedious clicking through four menus of keypresses and clearing every one separately. An alternative would be to enable more than one entry selectable via SHIFT+click like in windows explorer. Thanks for your time and effort ED!!
  14. One really annoying AI behavior I often come across is the way AI wingmen change formation. When I am going head to head with some bogies I would tell my wingbecile to go line abreast and widen the formation, or tell him explicitly to bracket right. He then goes and does a big break maneouver where he ends up MILES behind me instead of just sliding outward gradually. Also I had the impression that on receiving the bracket command, AI will revert to the altitude entered in the flightplan. I can tell you that its quite annoying when you enter BVR at 20k and your 'best friend' suddenly dives for the ground just when he's supposed to be supporting you.. My pet peeves...
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