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  1. Yep, the canopy on the F-15C is wrong aswell, they used the two seat canopy. :doh:
  2. As Shamandgg put it. Something looks strange, it could be just the way the pics are resized though.
  3. I think people don't want to post in here because of what happens in most Tomcat related threads. But anyway, so long Tomcat. I going to miss not having any more Flighter Fling vids.:(
  4. When did the F-119 get upratted, last I saw it was 35,000lbs. I saw some people quoting 38k but I thought this was pure speculation. Is 39k the thrust class it is in now? If so the Raptor is going to be a true rocket. I'd love to see some time to climb records. Not going to happen for some time I'm sure.
  5. That Su-27 pic is both funny and tragic. Hey is Sukhoi still doing special offers on the N001s? Buy one get one free, wasn't it:D
  6. Dry thrust generally gets pushed up a percentage of a max AB thrust increase from what I have seen when the F-16 was getting new uprated engines nearly every few years. IMO the F-35 needs all the power it can get looking at is T/W stats. And on a side note, imagine a pair of F135s @ 43k each in the Raptor! Man all that power on tap, just pure utopia.
  7. The only loadout I saw on the Typhoon that can compare with that is: 4x Meteors, 2x ASRAAMs, 2x GBU-24s, 2x Storm Shadows, 2x ALARMs and a centerline tank, all dummy weapons.
  8. I heard this while at work today and I still can't believe it:(. Thoughts to his young family, he'll be missed from around the world.
  9. Merged means both you and the target are close enough to engage each other in A2G. In air combat the merge occurs in the transition between BVR and just before the begining of a dogfight. Other terms which my be useful are: Buddy spike: you have locked onto a friendly. Maddog or Pitbull: is the term used when the AIM-120 goes active. Fox 1: launch of a SARH missile. Fox 2: launch of a IR missile. Fox 3: launch of a Active homing missile. Beaming: means putting a missile fired at you on your 3 or 6 o'clock position and keeping it there. There is a lot of others, members here will list far more. Black Shark is still TBC but hopefully before Q2 2007.
  10. The last F-4F flew a display last year with the pilot over stressing the airframe "as it only had 20 hours left on it!" as the WSO latter commented on the display. And not all QF-4s are destroyed when used for target practice, it's not uncommon for them to survive and live to fight another day. I have seen at least one QF-4 on the ground after a mission damaged my a missile near miss.
  11. I have two books by Yefim Gordon about the Su-27 and all sub variants, both books state that the SK is slightly downgraded for export (like the MiG-29 9-12B export version) but may be fitted with Western avionics at customer request. The only difference it the MTOW in the SK is higher at 33,000kg.
  12. They have been using QF-4 drones for a few years now. The last QF-106 was downed in 1999, ever since its been on to QF-4s. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9ExC96WOqU&mode=related&search= AIM-9X test video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ms01tITXz3k&mode=related&search=
  13. It actually has a slightly downgraded radar and avionics but it has a higher MTOW because of it's reinforced landing gear, 33,000kg. The Su-27SMK is the more capable version.
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