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  1. the walkman has stopped playing music, I have tried switching to the B-side via a hotkey but it crashes to desktop dcs.log-20200617-054811.zip
  2. Using the stable version many of the training missions seem incomplete or unable to spawn air targets
  3. Hello guys Im trying to do some ifr flights in the 14 , would like to know if there is a way to read the GS somewhere thanks
  4. maybe if you export the 3d to substance painter you can paint without following the uvs
  5. Hello, Im trying to view some custom liveries Ive made for the su25t but I cant get them to load in modelviewer, any idea what to do ? thanks
  6. hello , Ive got tacview advanced from steam and no matter how I copy the files to the saved games folder of dcs I dont get the module to appear when I launch the simulator , pls help
  7. apologies I though i was missing an essential fix that would get rid of the stutters Initially I had the game installed in a hdd but the sutters were apparently there and I decided to move it to an SSD while the stutters have decreased significantly since then there are still some really minor pauses that break the real time flow of the game my specs: 7700k 5ghz oc , 64gb ram, 2080ti windows 10 , no AV and disabled all native virus protection
  8. Hello Im on the beta and from time to time I get little pauses and it is starting to make my head hurt if playing for a medium to long time Is there any way to get rid of these micro pauses?
  9. Hello Im getting familiar with the SU25t , and I was wondering how can I control the CRS knob on the HSI
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