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  1. I noticed this thread started a while ago... is this still being made / sold? I'm interested!
  2. Hey guys, I'm in the market for one of these. I actually don't have the Cougar stick yet so if you're looking to sell the stick with the FSSB installed I might be interested in that too. Anyone looking to part with one?
  3. Ok cool, thank you. Good to know it probably isn't affected, but I saved that pdf just in case.
  4. Hey guys, I just received my Cougar throttle from eBay and have heard that the "later" versions did not have an issue with the speed brake switch compared to the earlier ones. This one is serial # 25080. Can anyone tell me if that is past the speed brake problem? I went ahead and proactively ordered the C-MUK hall sensor upgrade for it but hoping everything else works fine. She looks like she's in good shape at least!
  5. That's exactly what I was thinking but wanted to make sure there wasn't another advantage (programming, etc). Thanks!!
  6. Hey guys, I'm curious to know if there's any advantage to getting a TUSBA adapter for the Cougar throttle instead of plugging directly into the Cougar stick? I know it's designed to allow you to use any other stick like a Warthog etc, but if I have a Cougar setup does switching the throttle to USB gain me any advantages?
  7. Oh sweet, the throttle C-MUK is back in stock! I just ordered one too... man the shipping is more than the C-MUK itself.
  8. Anyone looking to sell their Cougar HOTAS? I'd be interested if so. Edit: I picked up a Cougar throttle on eBay but still need the stick. Either cougar or warthog would do. I'd be very interested in FSSB too. Thanks!
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