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  1. You are exactly correct specially if you have older radeon cards. Newer drivers does not mean it's better. Pilotasso, For your aging 9800 pro card I suggest sticking with your current driver.
  2. The correct link is: http://www.anandtech.com Here is the direct link for the review. http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/showdoc.aspx?i=2762
  3. Nicely done! Clean, smooth and very professional.
  4. Here you go Gunja, http://rapidshare.de/files/23545830/Hot_Zone.wmv.html
  5. Hello, To answer your questions: 1- No overclocking (It's not worth the glitches and headaches just to gain 2 fps :)). 2- No heat issue 3- Like I said I tried flying LOMAC again. I recently reformatted a week ago due to FC w/1.12a putting my system to a halt after 15 mins of play (this happened while playing multi). Couldn't reboot to normal or even safe mode. 4- Fans and PC case is clean. Trust me I'm all for keeping my PC cool :). To GrayGhost: Graphics card = ATI radeon 9800 pro. Tried every single driver up to 6.5 Sound Card = Creative Audigy ZS I do not think it's drivers or hardware. I have been using the same system since Lock On 1.02. Never had problems with LOMAC/Flaming Cliffs or any patches before 1.12a. Flaming Cliffs runs fine on any patch till 1.12a. I have literally installed Lock On over 5 times because of this problem. Very frustrating!! Thanks for your answers.
  6. Thank you Glowing Amraam. I always enjoy watching your movies. 'The Chase' is my current favorite. Keep up the good work!
  7. :) Hello Pilotasso. Yes it's been a while since I have played this 'GAME'. I voted 'GAME' because it's supposed to be for fun right? I have not flown for many months and decided to give it a try once more. I have FC and patch 1.12a but it's giving me a lot of problems. Random crashes, frozen screens, reboots but wait I guess that's normal for this game (waits to get jumped by the fanboys :) ). I have reinstalled many times but the problem still persists! I miss flying online and dodging your missiles with the toilet paper smoke trail hehe. Maybe my 10th Lock On reinstall will fix it. Peace!
  8. The 'mech' sound disappearing is a known issue. This also happened on previous patches. Although not all the time. It mostly occurs when you switch views in singleplayer or after being shot down in a multiplayer session.
  9. Glad you enjoyed it Aquarius. Don't you just love the graphics! Like you, IL2 impresseses me more everytime I play it. The water, clouds and explosion effects of IL2 are pretty amazing. It's surprising that the game can do all of that and still keep a pretty high framerate. Can't wait for Battle Of Britain. The real time weather effects should be something to see.
  10. Yes agreed POW is a great movie. Here's another one of my favorites by RC_kedic called 'Come With Me'. Enjoy! http://www.sendspace.com/file/4fxky3
  11. Nice movie. I'm sure it was a great experience. Very lucky!! A beautiful day indeed :)
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