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  1. Just something to think about with regards to DCS and multicores... A) Vulkan... B) Other programs running at the same time, including the OS will be using those cores, taking load off the one core running DCS, so in effect helping it run better. edit: Just get the 8700K and be done with it. Mine is overclocked to 5.0ghz.
  2. All kinds of guys wanting the D in here...
  3. I heard back from Bugeye and Aerotronix... You better be sitting down for this. Bugeye wants $12,500 for the F/A-18C HOTAS... Aerotronix replied and said their cheapest grip is $4500... Another $4500 for the throttle... Another $4500 for the rudder pedals...
  4. USB and Ethernet. https://www.bugeyetech.com/controls-overview
  5. No offense man, just being a smartass. :thumbup:
  6. Where in the hell is the stick, and how do I buy it on that site?
  7. If you can swing it, this one is pretty nice. Also, you'll have to wait till mid June to get it. Like me... I am sure it will help you see aircrafts much easier... ;-) http://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/alienware-34-curved-gaming-monitor-aw3418dw/apd/210-amsv/monitors-monitor-accessories
  8. I haven't been on the forum in a while actively, but I have been playing this for decades. You are correct that they do steadily improve and make it better.
  9. I haven't bought the Viggen yet, I have just one question. Does it come in flatpacks with an Allen wrench and some screws so I can assemble it myself?
  10. THE PHOENIX WAS NOT MADE FOR, OR INTENDED TO BE USED AGAINST, FIGHTERS... End of story. Why did the US Navy retire it? Because the threat of long range Soviet bombers was non existent...
  11. Wow, an entire thread dedicated just to me, I am touched that you guys spend all your time thinking about me...
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