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  1. I have been fiddling around the whole evening now, but I cant get it to work on W7 x64 and DCS Black Shark. Runnig FTNIR as admin, uninstalled anti-virus, double checked location of dll. But the C:\FTNoIR_ED_HeadTrackerLog.txt just doesnt appear, and facetracking just doesn't work. I am running an older version of DCS:BS, to run the training missions. Could that be a problem?
  2. Already bought BS on Direct2Drive, but just went ahead and purchased A-10 on Steam...
  3. This post provided the final solution for me. Almost same setup (1600*1200+1280*1024), many tnx!
  4. Hi, I don't know if this was discussed before, but would this work with Black Shark too?
  5. Sorry, got to excited when I saw the news on Steam this morning. Immediately went here to check things out, but indeed did not read properly. I will buy Black Shark on Steam as well on the next round of sales. I like the convenience Steam gives.
  6. True, but as ridiculous as it sounds, € 10,- matters to some people (like when you have a wife who shops a lot and leaves you almost no pocket money... darnit that &*... uh wait, I'm going off-topic here.... :D )
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Steam still allow own DRM for games? So wouldn't that mean that Black Shark isn't necessarily without Starforce? That said, I think it's a great move. Steam definately has a large audience, and a lot of people use Steam almost exclusively. I just bought Black Shark through Direct2Drive, but perhaps DCS:A10 and/or FC2 will be bought on Steam.
  8. Don't know the current conversion rate to Canadian dollars, but Direct2Drive offers FC2 for $29,-.
  9. Wine does a good job at running DirectX under Linux already. Especially because DCS uses DirectX 9 at most, this part shouldn't be the biggest problem. Like a previous poster, I'm guessing it's mostly starforce which will not like Wine/Cedega/etc.
  10. <- SAAF = South African Air Force
  11. I think 40m is a little low to have auto rotation?
  12. I cannot read Chinese, or find pics. Could you post pics and maybe translate a little?
  13. DCS:BS seems to retail for about € 39,- here in the Netherlands. According to an online currency converter, the $50,- for an online purchase converts to about €39,- as well. So the price for me would be roughly the same. I guess I will ask around for someone with a credit card.... ;)
  14. Since I don't own a credit card, buying it retail is the easiest option for me to buy DCS:Black Shark. But should I consider the percentage that ED will make from a purchase? I guess I could ask around at work if somebody has a credit card and is willing to buy DCS:BS online for me. How substantial is the profit difference between online purchase and retail? I'd like to support ED the best I can, but I'm also a lazy b*stard with little people skills.... :D
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