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  1. In my tests I've been doing low level ripples, not dives. Did you try with a lower spacing, like 250ft or so? I'll give the .trk a look. Thanks!
  2. Ok, that's also how I thought it worked but if I set a spacing of about 300ft my full load seems to be distributed over aproximately that length. Am I the only one seeing this?
  3. How I remember it used to work is if you wanted to distribute, say, four ballutes over 1000 feet you'd set the separation to about 250 (1000 / 4 = 250). But now, it seems if I set that separation I'd be covering only about 250 ft in total. Did this change at some point or do I just remember it wrong? The problem is, with the current mechanic, it's not possible to distribute one's whole bomb load over a long (say 3000 feet) runway as the max "FT" setting for ripple is 999.
  4. No idea why but I have major problems getting the FCR to lock, RWS/TWS doesn't matter. As an example: azimuth 6, antenna elevation correct. Track is hot, at 25-40nm, filled in (own radar and others paint it) and very often I even have a filled in white track underneath. But I keep pressing TMS up and it take a lot of them before the FCR actually locks up, and by then I'm way too close for comfort. Is the FCR bugged or is it really that crappy in the real Bk50?
  5. Thanks guys. This is what I was looking for
  6. Some time ago I considered replacing my Warthog flight stick base with a mod that makes it work like in the real Viper; fixed to the center and just reading the pressure applied by the pilot. I'd like to look into that again but I can't find it anywhere. Has anyone got that mod? Any hints on how to find it, or recommendations why I should/shouldn't?
  7. Was practicing buddy lasing yesterday with two squad buddies and I flew a FAC. About 20 mins in, after having lased four or five attacks for the others, the "L" indication on the TGP format page looked a bit "dimmed" and it no longer flashed when I pulled the trigger. Could it be that I had overheated the laser? If so, what's best practice to avoid that? Somewhat related: It seems I can lase through clouds. Is the cloud modelling not blocking lasers yet?
  8. moggel

    DCS loses focus

    I actually wasn't aware I could go full screen with VR but I'll see if I can figure it out. Thanks!
  9. moggel

    DCS loses focus

    (I have only seen this in VR so I assume it's not a thing in pancake.) What happens, quite often, is I realize DCS no longer responds to physical buttons (HOTAS and other devices). Axis seems to work fine though. I have a TM Warthog HOTAS and also a SIM GEARS ICP (I'm pretty dedicated to the Viper) and both devices become "numb" when this happens, so it's probably not relating to the hardware itself. What I need to do is quickly ALT+TAB to a different app and then back to DCS. That usually fixes it. Very annoying, especially when you realize nothing's happening when you try engage NWS after landing and the plane becomes unresponsive to rudder input and is starting to skid off to one side, or when you quickly need to work your switchology flow, running in for a ground attack while AAA is whizzing by on all sides. Worth noting is that the "Window is out of focus" message, that usually appears when another window have obtained focus, does not appear in this case (until I actively ALT+TAB, of course). Has anyone else seen this: Is it a bug in DCS or Windows? Any known workarounds (other than ALT+TAB)?
  10. [EDIT] Posted in wrong forum. Reposted here:
  11. I have managed to resolve my issues. I am no longer running OpenVR/SteamVR at all and it works great!
  12. Agree. Would love some RED cruise missiles, other than the rusty old SCUD.
  13. If I indeed have a connectivity issue, shouldn't that also affect it when I turn ON Varjo's OpenVR option?
  14. Ok, I must be misunderstanding something. I turned off Varjo's OpenVR support and started DCS with the --force_steam_VR flag. When I started DCS I got this from SteamVR:
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