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  1. And that’s what plane(s)? And you can categorically exclude that it has different ground handling characteristics like say a P-51?
  2. That's quite a bold statement. We can agree that different airplanes generate a different amount of slipstream at low RPMs and that the tailwheel is connected differently to the rudder at different planes. Unless you have some deeper insights into warbirds I would not state that the Spitfire feels "like the real thing". If you mean the Piper Cub with that, it might be true.
  3. I think I did a ‚quick start‘ landing with the P-51.
  4. Don’t know why but it seems F2 doesn’t give an external view any longer.
  5. When? Looks to me like the last posting of the developer was done a year ago.
  6. Which ones? Didn’t see anything in the change logs.
  7. Ok, all works fine if I choose Oculus VR instead of steam VR. Strange.
  8. I don't know with which update/version it started but lately my picture is shaking annoyingly (Oculus Rift). Checked the Oculus demo app - steady picture. But as soon as I sit in some plane it is shaking. Any ideas?
  9. Also was thinking of buying the module but it looks like its abandonware.
  10. Yes please! Wish a proper quick mission generator would work!
  11. By this you mean don’t increase the AOA to much? if that’s what you want to say, I have the same impression with the P-51. By not pulling the stick to much the landings usually get smoother.
  12. You mean you can’t turn without differential braking? Didn’t play for a while to remember.
  13. You mean when rudder effectiveness starts.
  14. I find the P-47 quite easy to bring to takeoff and land compared to the P-51D. Can someone elaborate a bit? Is it the shorter tail and wider landing gear? Or just CG more favourable? Or simply the flight model? How is the Spitfire in comparison?
  15. Absolutely. But with a flightsim pedal you have nothing more than a small spring tension to work against.
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