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  1. Is there away to have a bordered window (instead of a borderless window)? While mission editing it is nice to have DCS in a window small than the entire desktop and have the ability to move it around. Is there any way to do that now post 2.7?
  2. This video shows a graphics issue that I am experiencing. I'm not even sure how to describe it. Any ideas?
  3. Is there way to reorder the layers once they are created?
  4. as a "thing," I meant was it implemented in the HB Tomcat? Great video BTW, thanks for RL info.
  5. Hey just recently I noticed that the basket on the 135MPRS there is no light on the basket itself for AAR at night. I recall there actually being a light on the basket. Am I remembering correctly? Also, I recall a probe light...is that no longer the case?
  6. Running Viacom with the F14. Easy comms is off. Select tunes is off. The command is recognized when outside DCS. Here's the PTT Tab: Thanks for taking the time to assist
  7. Any tips for having the command "End Dictate" be effective? I get PTT: use an active TX node no matter which node I actually use.
  8. Disregard it appears to not populate the root directory input file for the f14 until loaded up in game. Not sure if that's what solved it, but that's all I can come up with. EDIT: Still unable to add custom functions as before, anyone else figure out how to add previously effective custom "actions" to the key command list?
  9. Any idea how to make the custom lua file now that the controls file structure seems to have changed?
  10. Getting a .net framework error 1026, anyone else? Turned out it was Avast.
  11. Any reason why the program would be crashing on start up?
  12. Any tips on decoding the ATOs provided?
  13. Thank you! Your contribution to DCS cannot be overstated.
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