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  1. Four of these aircraft have been released by mod teams and function in AI. VSN recently released the EA-6B. The B-2, C-2A and KC-10 were released in the Military Aircraft Mod.
  2. After some additional testing, I've had mixed results and it really depends on which module I am trying to use. I tested the A-10C and discovered some of the same problems that blue-blazer was experiencing. I tested the A-10C using the Stream Deck and the tablets together and again using just the Stream Deck by itself. In both cases, the UFC functioned properly after re-assigning some of the default key binds, but the CDU does not function at all. It appears that there is a compatibility issue between DCS-ExportScript and the new A-10C/A-10C II which causes the default key binds not to be recognized by DCS when generated by the Stream Deck. Unfortunately, the DCS-ExportScript was last updated 9 months ago and will not be updated. I mainly use my Stream Deck and the tablets with the F/A-18C. With the exception of having to reassign a couple of the default key binds, both the Stream Deck and the tablets work fine with the F/A-18C.
  3. There are some differences in my port assignments. I've attached my DCS-ExportScript and DCS UFC Config.lua files. Please give these a try and let me know if they work for you. DCS-ExportScript Config.lua DCS UFC Config.lua
  4. Roger, thanks for the additional information. I'll verify my Send and Listener Port assignments when I return home and let you know what the settings are. It might be worthwhile to see how everything functions with just one Stream Deck connected to the system. That would be a useful data point.
  5. Those are the only two entries in my Export.lua file. The problem may lie in your Stream Deck profile or possibly in your Key Binds. I have a few questions: 1. Does the Stream Deck work by itself? 2. Which module(s) are you using? 3. What Stream Deck profile are you using? I'm away on business right now and I don't have access to my home computer. I can contact you via PM after I return home on Friday to continue troubleshooting.
  6. I have a Stream Deck XL and 2 Android Tablets running DCS UFC and I am able to use them together without problem. I encountered the same problems you experienced when I initially tried to use streamdeck-dcs-interface and DCS UFC together. I experimented with different combinations of streamdeck-dcs-interface, DCS-ExportScript and DCS UFC and found that the solution is simply to use DCS-ExportScript for the Stream Deck interface, along with DCS UFC for the Android Tablet interface. Here is the text from my Export.lua file (the one in the main Scripts folder): -- load the DCS ExportScript for DAC and Ikarus dofile(lfs.writedir()..[[scripts\DCS-ExportScript\ExportScript.lua]]) -- Load DCS UFC local lfs=require('lfs');dofile(lfs.writedir()..[[scripts\pw-dev_script\Export.lua]]) DCS-ExportScript must appear first, if you invert the order and place DCS UFC first, it won't work. Also make sure that the DCS-ExportScript and DCS UFC Send Ports and Listener Ports are different and not duplicated between the two scripts (i.e. a different Send Port for each script and a different Listener Port for each script). By default, they should be different. Good Luck!
  7. Those axis settings and a 200 mm extension made all the difference in the world for me. They make all of the helo modules a pleasure to fly. The next improvement for me will be a true helo collective.
  8. Thank you Wiaczeslaw! Again, please accept my apologies for my error.
  9. My apologies Wiaczeslaw, it was not my intention to inflate the cost of your pedals by including the shipping cost and PayPal fee. I was responding to another member's inquiry and included the additional costs. Again, I apologize. To set the record straight, the RF Dora V2 pedals are 395 Euro and the RX Viper V2 pedals are 435 Euro. I submitted my order on July 18. I can PM you if you would like additional information. I edited the cost of your pedals in my original post to reflect the cost of the pedals themselves.
  10. It would also be worth a look at the Virpil WarBRD and VPC Ace series pedals. Price range is 199.95 Euro to 345.95 Euro for the Virpil pedals.
  11. I recently ordered a set of Slaw Device RF Dora V2 pedals and the price is 395 Euro. The Slaw Device RX Viper V2 pedals would be 435 Euro. I didn't realize that the Thrustmaster TPR MSRP was $ 500.00.
  12. I think it also depends on what you fly. For helicopters, the VKB T-Rudder Mk.IV is perfect. They also work well for WW I sims like Flying Circus Vol. 1 where the aircraft have no brakes. They aren't optimum for WW II and Modern aircraft with toe brakes, although the VKB T-Rudder Mk.IV does have the option to use virtual toes brakes via a software key bind to a joystick button. The Thrustmaster TPR pedals look like a viable option. I would talk to some TPR users regarding seating, under desk clearance and ergonomics since I've read of ergonomic issues related to the TPR configuration. MFG Crosswinds seem to be the go to standard for pedals due to their price point. Dollar for dollar, they're hard to beat and my friends vouch for their excellent build quality. Then there is the Slaw Device if you have that kind of money available.
  13. If you're considering buying the TM Warthog HOTAS, you're entering the lower level of the high end flight gear market. Dollar for dollar, you're not going to beat the normal average $ 549.00 price point of the TM Warthog HOTAS. Virpil is an option, but you will buying the HOTAS components ala carte. The least expensive joystick base is 189.95 Euro, the least expensive grip (joystick) is 89.95 Euro and the only throttle option is 319.95 Euro. Total minimum cost is 599.85 Euro plus shipping and can range up to 799.85 Euro plus shipping at the top end. Winwing is another option and their HOTAS systems range from $ 799.90 to $ 947.75 on sale and from $ 1147.75 to $ 1329.65 when not on sale. Other joystick and joystick base options are available from VKB and prices range from $ 309.00 to $ 484.00 for a joystick and a joystick base. You will need to buy a throttle from another source to assemble a complete HOTAS. All in all, the TM Warthog HOTAS is the best value for the money considering the alternatives. If the TM Warthog HOTAS is out of your price range, Thrustmaster offers less expensive alternatives. The challenge will be finding availability due to COVID related supply chain and production impacts and the recent release of MSFS 2020 which has dried up the world wide supply of flight gear.
  14. @Elysian Angel I'm currently using a Warthog throttle and stick and this curve helps immensely. A true helo collective and cyclic are on my wish list. I have no doubt that the curves would have to be modified with a collective and cyclic.
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