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  1. Thank you for educating me on this. I've never really known any military pilots the flew helicopters. I've known snipers that fought in Vietnam and the 2nd Gulf War, and pilots that flew various jet-powered military aircraft of various eras and the soldiers that fought it out on the ground but no helicopter pilots. I've only knew what I knew of various movies I've seen like Firebirds and the pilots that flew Hueys in We Were Soldiers and thought that was the norm.
  2. DevPreach

    Name of AI

    I have a bone to pick with Eagle Dynamics over this. Granted I know Heatblur is the one that did the F-14 and they made the decision of what to name the AI RIO in the F-14. They named it Jester with reference to the movie Top Gun(Granted I know Jester was never a RIO in Top Gun). Now with the Apache 64D being released we get a AI Co-pilot/Gunner named "George"??????? What the heck why not a Co-pilot named "Rattler" or some other character from the movie "Firebirds" ???? Why do we get stuck with George and the F-14 guys get something cool like Jester???? Just a thought DevPreach
  3. I made sure there were no duplicated key binds/axis assignments during my initial setup.
  4. Hi All, Well due to our lovely US Postal Service I finally got my Warthog HOTAS yesterday that should have been delivered 4 days prior to that instead. I got everything unboxed and put together and the software installed and everything working as it should(or so I thought). I donned my headset, started my head tracking system, started DCS World, and proceeded to go through and setup all my controls for the maiden voyage of my A10C-II with my Warthog HOTAS. Fired up some instant action and hit fly and the issues started. I have my controls configured correctly for pitch and roll etc but no unless I purposely force the aircraft down it keeps wanting to pitch up. Anybody have any suggestions?? Other than that I'm loving my new HOTAS system. Something tells me I had this issue with my Logitech X56 when I first got it with the original A10C in DCS World but I forget what the issue was and how to fix it. Help please???? I have not tried it with any other aircraft to see if it was an A10C issue or an issue across the board. DevPreach
  5. Hi All, I'm looking at upgrading my HOTAS from the Logitech X56 which is starting to fail to the Thrustmaster Warthog as I have found them in stock or should I purchase something else? Looking at my options I can get the Thrustmaster Warthog or WinWing Orion setup(if it ever comes off of backorder). Should I get the Warthog or wait? What do you guys like about the Warthog? Is it truly plug and play with DCS or will there be some customization and tweaking needed on my part? Any advice and assistance you all can provide is greatly appreciated. DevPreach
  6. @Blackhaze440 Thanks for the advice it worked really well for me. Everything is working as it should be now!
  7. Hi All, I'm having issues with the Logitech Flight Pro Rudder Pedals and the F/A-18c. I have used these in the F-16 as well with no issues so I'm not sure what the issue is with the 18. The wheel brakes I have set up on the left and right axis of the toe brakes on the pedals but the brakes are activated with 0 pressure on the brakes and also 100% pressure. They only release at about 50% pressure which makes it a little awkward to taxi. Any help or suggestions you can offer will be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks, DevPreach
  8. Hi All, I'm using a Logitech C920S Webcam and have excellent lighting along with View Tracker and I am having all kinds of issues with this and need help please???? I have the webcam mounted on top of my one monitor and is right about eye-level with the way I'm sitting. I can't get the curves figured out at all my viewing within the game is all over the place. Someone please help!!!! DevPreach
  9. It's been a while since I flew my A-10C and I can't remember if it is compatible with the AIM-9X or not. Will the A-10C II have the 9X? If so will the HMCS allow you to target the 9X? DevPreach
  10. You could get a system by Delan engineering the Delanclip system is a decent system but what I have and like is even cheaper. For just over $2 USD if you have an iPhone 10 or newer there is an app called head tracker by JBC consultants that uses the camera on your phone and translate your head movements to your pc and into Easy Tracker. So far it works extremely well for me. DevPreach Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  11. The only thing coming out of the $1800 is a HOTAS, rudder pedals, and vr headset. Everything else on my list is already budgeted out of the rest of the money. Thank you all for the recommendations so far!
  12. Hi All! Well I am at wit's end looking at reviews and I don't know which way is up anymore. I currently have a Logitech X56 HOTAS and while I like it and everything I'm looking to buy something else. That's only because I have a sum of money that I need to spend from a lawsuit settlement by mid-September and if I don't I'll lose it. I'm looking to spend about $1800 on a VR Headset and HOTAS and rudder pedals. I've looked at so many out there from the VIRPIL to the Warthog and I have no clue what to buy. Any recommendations? The rest of the money is being spent on an upgraded graphics card(at least a 2070 Super but hoping for a 2080ti), 2 new monitors, and I'm upgrading my DSLR camera and getting the camera set up of my dreams among other things like paying off a good chunk of what I owe on my car. Any assistance you all can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, DevPreach
  13. Hi All, I'm looking to be buying a Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS soon and I know that unlike my Logitech X56 it doesn't have the twist function on the stick for the rudder control. So what pedals do you all recommend or what other control do you all use for your rudders? I know that the X56 is still a decent HOTAS system but I have some money from a lawsuit settlement that I have to spend by mid-September or I lose it. With this money I'm also planning on getting a VR setup as well as several other things. Any recommendations for rudder pedals would be greatly appreciated. Devpreach
  14. Ryzen 7 3700X + decent B450 motherboard should come in about $450. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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