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  1. +1, but also this: Yeah... that's PITA. I have no idea why these windows aren't "full screen" - not only OPTIONS window, but also mission briefing window etc. Artist's visions (pretty clouds) are good where they belong, but I dare to claim these windows should be designed for maximum practicality, not artistic impressions. If I want clouds, I can stick my head out the window, no problem
  2. +1, but not only for the carrier - ground ops too! Simple pushback was a thing back in FS9 (maybe FS2000, but I'm not sure): one keybind to toggle pushback start/stop and two keybinds to steer left/right. That should be easy correction: relatively easy to do for ED, but most likely modules would have to get somehow updated to allow for such "external control" (for example, there may be a need for a module to disclose to DCS XY coordinates in the 3D model where the gear struts are, maybe also a way to control the nose wheel angle etc.). Contrary to that, "automatic" pushback will be difficult to do and very bug-prone. Think of all airfields, all maps, all shapes and sizes of various aircraft and all the junk that may be tossed around the place (vehicles, barrels, GPUs, crates of bananas or whatever they toss around). Yeah, it would be awesome to see animated crews, tow trucks and so on, but I prefer to keep my feet on the ground
  3. Hi, if this happens again, you may tap Esc, then click "Messages History" and you should get the list of all messages/instructions/etc. spoken so far in the mission. I'm not sure whether you have to have subtitles turned on in DCS options for it to work or it doesn't matter, see for yourself.
  4. I'm sorry! I'm too fast answering, too slow reading
  5. Yep, I did the same trick yesterday for myself I'm sure "Special for joystick" (what a strange name!) commands will start popping up later in EA period, but for now, if you don't want to mess with your Lua files as shown above by Bailey, you can check if your trigger is guarded or not without actually shooting any weapon. 1. Take off (no weight on wheels). 2. A/S ARM. 3. Make sure NO weapon is WASed! 4. Pull the trigger and now: A) If your trigger is unguarded, you'll see "WEAPON?" in the bottom right part of "High Action Display" part of your IHADSS. Apache can see you want to fire but doesn't know which weapon it should fire. B) If your trigger is guarded, nothing will happen (no "WEAPON?" text), because you haven't actually pulled the trigger - as it is guarded. Such a quick and dirty workaround.
  6. No. It's not only that. 1. In Huey there's a significant delay in "Default". Nearly one second of delay. So don't say "Default" is the same everywhere. 2. In the Hip, the delay in "Default" was decreased to very small (now it's also referred to as "instant trim", "FFB friendly" etc.), because she's sluggish enough (intertia + perhaps quite "agressive" SAS), so that it doesn't hurt. I, myself, didn't notice there was a change from Huey to Hip, I can fly both OK. 3. In more agile (than Hip) helos such as Apache/Hind the very small delay became annoying when you want to introduce larger trim setting in a single "step", e.g. when picking up, crossing through ETL etc. 4. For this reason some people switched to "Centering Position" trim, which doesn't have this drawback, but in turn this one can make you crash. So it's not only about the new names of the options. Yep. SME himself is struggling. Symptomatic, isn't it?
  7. I'm only following ideas from other folks in this thread. This is how "Special" tab under Options could look like. I ticked some options and left other unticked just an example. You can get "instant trim", "timed release trim" (adjustable), "center position trim" AND you can have new "non-locking center position trim". Robert is your mother's brother. OPTIONS->SPECIAL: [v] Cyclic Trim [v] Release axis when it gets centered [v] Release both axes after 0 ------o--- 1 seconds [ ] Anti-torque Pedals Trim [ ] Release axis when it gets centered [v] Release axis after 0 ---o------ 1 seconds LEGEND: [ ] - unticked check box [v] - ticked check box ------o--- - a slider with "o" indicating position Options for pedals are greyed out (disabled, currently non-clickable), because the "main" trim option says we don't want trim at all. If all check boxes for a particular trim (cyclic or pedals) are ticked, it means "whichever condition is met first" (logic "or"). ED have code for both options already, it's just the time delay is now hard-coded, and both options are currently "either-or" (mutually exclusive, selected with the drop-down list).
  8. @Hiob You're right! My bad. The only significant difference is that in the Huey the "freeze" time is really long (in the "Default" mode), like 0.7 second or so. I thought in the Hip it was the same, but no - the "freeze" time is very short. I got so confused about it all and eventually selected wrong options in the Hind and Apache I'll go and check the Hind which gave me the most trouble (most crashes during NOE flying due to sudden "controls lock"). Thanks for the enlightment!
  9. "Springless" typically mean the cyclic is held in position by friction, it stays where you leave it (you can buy these, I forgot the manufacturer's name). In a RL helo it won't flop, but the details depend on a helo. For example in the Hip the cyclic will jump back to the trimmed position - where "trimmed" means it is a position held by a "spring bed" (don't know proper name for it). When you retrim, the springs get retrimmed and want to hold the stick in a new postion. So you can steer the Big Lady with or without trimming, the difference is force you have to use - you may choose to fight against the springs or not. So... can we have the "timed release" trim option back (Apache and Mi-24)? No one asked to have it removed. The new system may stay there, I just won't be using it (I have a "soft center" stick myself, the TM Warthog with the spring removed), but why deprive people of the system that PROVED to work over loong years? That's beyond me. Huey and Hip are old, lots of people bought it, lots have hundreds or thousands of hours in them. No complaints about trim. Starting with the Hind, trim threads started popping up, some of them with misleading titles, because people are confused, they don't know what exactly is going on (just like myself until yesterday).
  10. OMG... The numerous threads about trim, previously in Mi-24 forums, now about Apache, are about the same thing. Apparently someone in ED changed the behaviour of the force trim for spring-centered joysticks (starting with Mi-24). I didn't know that, I didn't notice there was any announcement about it... or was there? The old system was called "Default" (check in your Huey or Mi-8, but NOT in Mi-24): 1. Tap force trim button. 2. Your force-trimmed axes in the game get "frozen" for one second (more or less). Then all the axes "unfreeze" unconditionally. It has worked so well for so many people, for so many years. The new system called "Central Position Trimmer Mode", which I believe was meant to be the replacement for the former "Default": 1. Tap force trim button. 2. Your force-trimmed axes in the game get "frozen". Each of them will individually "unfreeze" only when you precisely center or cross the center position in that particular axis. For example, you may "unfreeze" pitch, but have roll stuck. Or pedals, or pitch or any combination of them. Whoever was paid for coming up with this system should give the money back. Contrary to that person's false belief, people don't always PERFECTLY center their joysticks. This is either for technical reasons and/or for the "heat of the action" reason where people are just too busy flying to focus on "the stupid joystick" - and they don't center precisely. The old system never gets stuck and in case someone had the joystick slightly misaligned after pressing force trim (i.e not exactly centered), it was next to impossible to notice it because this small misaligment was added as a new joystick input a second after the trim button press. Since it was small, it wasn't noticeable, or hardly noticeable. The new system gets people crash their Hinds, and now it can get them crash their Apaches. People turn towards "INSTANT TRIM (FFB FRIENDLY)", because - so it seems - the SAS on Apache "waters down" the "jump" which occurs when you press the button, especially for small changes to trim, e.g. in cruise. Still - it's not a solution, there will alwawys be a "jump" in control input which folks with spring-centered joysticks cannot avoid. Moreover, the new system must demand precision-centering, because otherwise you wouldn't be able to add small amounts of trim at all, it's inevitable. Can you see that it means it's technically a wrong system? Count all the "Hey, my trim is bad!" threads in the Hind and Apache forums. You really think all these people are just dumb or something? No, they're not. Oh boy... PS. Fun fact: The "INSTANT TRIM (FFB FRIENDLY)" in Apache is what is called "Default" in Mi-24... which is of course different from "Default" in Huey or Mi-8
  11. I'm not sure what you're doing, but to make it simple at the beginning, consider unbinding the axis from power levers and use keyboard instead - just for now. During engine start you move a power lever from OFF to IDLE (that is rAlt/rShift+Home) at no less than 20% RPM of gas generator. Repeat for engine 2. Oh... make sure the collective is lowered throughtout the whole process! Once the engines are running low RPM and oil pressure drops to no more than 70, you spool the engines up by gradually moving both levers towards "FLT" (flight) position. I'm using Numpad+, initially. When I'm close to "FLT", I tap PageUp to put the levers exactly in "FLT". That's it. Engines are happy and running. 101% RPM everywhere (power turbines, rotor). Maybe you are incidentally moving the power levers forward of "FLT" far enough so that DCS considers it this... this position forward of FLT (forgot what it's called)? AFAICR it's a position where manual throttle is engaged, or something of this sort. At this stage the only reason why rotor RPM may drop is: A) you have pulled the collective too much and/or too abruptly, B) you're too heavy and the Crazy Indian doesn't have enough power to competently deal with the weight. All this is off the top of my head, I've had 0.75 hour of flying myself, so I don't exactly know what I'm talking. Sorry.
  12. Yeah, I read it in NATOPS, too. I think it's a trap. They only tell you how you can fill drop tanks when (and only when) your wing tank is leaking etc. (battle damage or whatever) and you don't want to push fuel into it. This paragraph has a vertical bar next to it, which means it is an addition to the text in the manual's newest edition. So someone came and threw in this paragraph, apparently without careful reading of the surrounding text. AFAICR there's not a single word about in-flight refueling in the surrounding text, and suddenly you stumble upon this paragraph, which may make you think "okay, so this is how you AAR the plane!". A trap. They could have been more careful about wording, i.e. write anything about AAR in general and only then add a note on what you should do when you need to skip wing tank during AAR.
  13. (I am on v2.0.1) Thanks, guys, for reasurring me that the drop tank AAR does work - thanks to this I kept pushing. Finally it worked! I must have messed something up about my Stream Deck, which I normally use for AAR switches (among other things). This time, for a test, I clicked the in-cockpit switches with the mouse (instead of pressing Stream Deck buttons) and bingo - everything went okay, drop tanks filled! It's seldom the case that Stream Deck bites me, hence it wasn't my suspect. I thought I might have botched the mod's installation on my PC or that it's a bug in the very mod etc. Thanks again, I'll invesigate the problem on my side, but at this time I know my Scooter is 100% healthy
  14. Hi. Can you actually refuel drop tanks in flight? I can fill the internal tanks no problem, but drop tanks remain dry forever, no matter how long I'm hanging from the basket. Silence, no transfer. Tanks under pylons 2 and 4. "DROP TANKS" switch set to "FLIGHT REFUEL". What am I doing wrong?
  15. Thanks! I really started thinking I had got my nomenclature all wrong.
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