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  1. IHMO 'Cyclone' somehow seemed like a more appropriate name for F-35.
  2. That's why GM and Ford are on the verge of bankruptcy and the majority of us here buy Honda, Acura or Toyota. :)
  3. Yes, and U.S. somehow managed to destroy 3 times the armor Serbian Army ever had... or so it claims.
  4. Agree. This reminds me of the similar claims about M1A1 Abrams tanks. “Experts” wrote multiple books & columns on how superior this tank is compared to anything else in the world and how multiple tests and mock-up simulations proved that it’s impossible to put it out of action with a single anti-tank round. Turned out quite differently in Iraq, didn’t it? Until Raptor achieves real combat statistics against real targets… they can claim it has 1000:0 kill-to-loss ratio against superman, for all I care.
  5. Thanks Vosxod... this thread should be made a sticky for the time being...
  6. I like it the way it is. Personally I prefer the “new” look of the aircraft rather than the look of beat up old junk. Good job, it’s a definite download once it’ll become available.
  7. With an artistic talent like that, you’re aiming to be an electrical engineer!?
  8. If he’s the Konstantin Pavlyukov I think he is, then his sister and I went from kindergarten thru 4th grade together. I know she had an older brother Kostya, who was a pilot and was killed in Afghanistan around that time period. Under what circumstances he was killed or what he did in Afghanistan I don’t know... She was however the best looking girl in school. Anyway don’t mind me… just found this interesting.
  9. It doesn't look like he does... at least there's no mention of it in the interview with him. His Ka-50 is STILL work in progress... Pretty amazing for his age.
  10. 23rd_Drago

    Jet Thunder

    Right... didn't know that Su-25 is the primary plane in Lock-On...
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