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  1. When getting closer to a mirror in a dcs Module, the reflection shows you getting farther away, an vice versa. Not a big problem, but totally unrealistic, in a further on beautiful and very realistic simulation ! Hope it is easy to Fix.
  2. After shutdown of the engine the EGT returns to ambient to fast. It is more realistic that the EGT remains higher then Ambient for a longer time, and then..slowly drops to ambient. IRL It could take Hours before Ambient temp is reached after shutdown. Would be nice to have to cool down the engine by venting (motoring without fuel and ignition), when it is still to hot for a second restart. How high the EGT remains after shutdown is depending on what de EGT was before shutdown and how fast the heat in that type of engine dissipates. Note: This Apache simulator is outstanding in my opinion, and my remark (request) about the EGT maybe to much in to detail. I fully understand that there are higher priorities to this simulator. Thanks.
  3. With APU running and moving the cyclic, the whole length of the rotorblades are moving up and down in outside view. Only the control rods, swash plate and blade angles should visually be moving. Thanks,
  4. Minor gripe.. I know, but it just looks weird ! If i move my head closer to the mirror of the gunner position (in VR) , the reflection in the mirror shows my head going further from it. Small stuff..but then again, hope it can be corrected. Thanks !!
  5. When in air, and at the moment de gear handle is selected down, the light in the Handel does not immediately illuminate. Any time the gear handle position (Up or Down) is not the same as the condition of the landing gear system at that moment (up and locked, or down and locked), the handle light should be on. The way it seams to be simulated at the moment is that, when selecting the gear handle down, the gear handle remains dark until the doors are fully opened. This is most likely wrong, because if the gear handle is selected down, the gear system at that moment is not in the down and locked position. Minor thing, but still..
  6. Had the same when using an F16 in an old/ saved mission. when i added a new f16 in the mission..that one started perfectly.
  7. Definitely longer runway needed after de last the update. Don't know if it is correct and should be like this...but it has changed for sure..
  8. Great job.. Looks like a small thing.. But it was showing something inpossible...that is not allowed in DCS in my opinion. .. Big Thanks to Razbam..
  9. Always fun to have a good and clear communication. Could even be helpfull.. Thanks for the effort..
  10. Just Curious, Did the track that i send make the problem clear to you ? Is the stuck slipball it confirmed Bug, or is it only faulty on my machine? wich i can not immagine by the way. Is it possible to Fix ? Its such a shame that something so basic is not implemented in an Aircraft. The rest of the Mudule is verry good in my opinion. Mayby a few tweaks on the sound (and the slipball) and its allmost perfect i think. Hope i can get A reply, and not having to wait yet another three years to get some answer. Greetz John
  11. After years the Slipball is still not functioning on the Ground, Why ?
  12. definately not on wifi. Im on Ethernet Cable.. Thanks for thinking with me..
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