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  1. Hello there, is it possible to have the mount elbrus more snow covered all seasons of the year? maybe as an optinoal feature?
  2. you have to download the updated pack from the link from Rudel_chw and then go to your installation folder bazar/shaders/model and make a copy of fake_omni_lights2.fx AND and fake_spot_lights2.fx ... rename to fake_omni_lights.fx and fake_spot_lights.fx put it there too. let all files stay in place. no delete of files necessary
  3. @nighteyes2017 IT WORKS ! ! ! just make a copy of fake_omni_lights2.fx and fake_spot_lights2.fx in your bazar/shaders/model folder and rename it ... nice find. Thank you very much
  4. Nice mod, it doesnt work with 2.7... It makes the game launch fail sadly hope the creator can fix this problem. ^^ Kind regarts
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