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  1. Hello, I have read this on the Heatblur's page : https://store.heatblur.com/pages/about-us I don't understand, Leatherneck is not the publisher of Mig-21bis ? Regards, Frigondin
  2. Hello, I want to add a Hind on my VR scene but the hind seems to be broked (no glasses and some elements missing) : package.path = package.path ..';./Scripts/DemoScenes/?.lua;' local sceneEnvironment = require("demosceneEnvironment") scene = {} -- сюда кладем все созданные объекты function loadScene(scenePtr) sceneAPI = sceneEnvironment.getInterface(scenePtr) sceneAPI:setUpdateFunc('sceneVRUpdate') sceneAPI:setEnvironmentMap("Bazar/Graphics/VRMainScene.dds",0.9); sceneAPI:setSun(math.rad(-90), math.rad(0)) -- сажаем солнце за горизонт чтоб не светило --scene.m = sceneAPI:addModel("Mi-24P", 0, 2, 0); scene.m = sceneAPI:addModel("mi-24p", 0, 2, 0); scene.m:setLivery("Ukrainian Army Aviation" , "Mi-24P"); scene.m.transform:setOrient(0,-15,0); scene.m:setArgument(0, 1); scene.m:setArgument(3, 1); scene.m:setArgument(5, 1); scene.m:setArgument(4, 0.25); scene.m:setArgument(6, 0.25); scene.m:setArgument(40, -1); scene.m:setArgument(41, -1); scene.m:setArgument(274, -1); scene.m:setArgument(326, -1); scene.m:setArgument(327, -1); scene.m:setArgument(328, -1); scene.m:setArgument(329, -1); scene.m:setArgument(330, -1); scene.m:setArgument(86, 1); scene.m:setArgument(38, 1); scene.m:setArgument(131, 1); scene.m:setArgument(133, 1); scene.m:setArgument(50, 0.5); --Pilot local cam_level = 1.8 scene.cam = sceneAPI:addCamera(3, cam_level , 3) scene.cam:setFarClip(1000.0) scene.cam:setFov(90) scene.cam.transform:lookAtPoint(-10.0, cam_level, 10); scene.flr = sceneAPI:addModel("shelter_floor", 0,0,0); scene.flr:drawToEnvironment(true); scene.flr.transform:scale(2,1.5,1.5); scene.sh = sceneAPI:addModel("ukrytie", 0,0,0); scene.sh:drawToEnvironment(true); scene.sh.transform:scale(2,2,2); scene.L1 = sceneAPI:addLightOmni(0, 25, 0, 1,0.8,0.5); scene.L1:setRadius(200); scene.L1:setAmount(1); scene.cam:setActive() end --[0;1] local function pingpong(length, t) local tt = (t%length)*2/length if tt>1 then tt = 2-tt end return tt end function sceneVRUpdate(t, dt) end Someone can help me please ? Thanks a lot ! Regards, Fringondin
  3. Or simply add a special option to hide boxes for client (not server) like rudder trim
  4. Hello, I have speaked with Ciribob and SRS read the physical knob value. Perhaps, it linked with this issue :
  5. Hello, When I use the knob to decrease / increase volume, it's work for in game volume (awacs) but it doesn't work for SRS volume. Anybody has same problem or I'm alone ? Thanks a lot !
  6. Oups, Yes.... It's not SRS but VrkGameGui.lua... After an other freeze problem, I have seen this on the logfile :
  7. Hello, for your problem, unselect "Autoload Mission Kneeboard" and remove the hook here : %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Scripts\Hooks\VrkGameGui.lua This script refresh VRK all frames. For me I have some VRK freeze when I use Mig21 and Viggen (random time) It's strange, I don't have this freeze with other airplanes and freeze stop when I restart VRK when I fly, somebody have this problem ? EDIT : Add the good filename
  8. Steam servers problems : https://steamcommunity.com/app/223750/discussions/0/2995422276368103410/ ED work on it
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