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  1. Yep, it's great fun to fly. Would love to see it get a graphics update, but it's still a ton of fun. Be cool to have the special forces variant.
  2. Found the answer on an old Steam thread. "Click MMB twice". Middle mouse button. Only the Huey it seems.
  3. Aside from the South Atlantic map, BS3 is top of my list.
  4. Hello, In all the other modules I get a mouse-view of the cockpit when I hit Alt+ C. In the Huey I cannot get it to work at all, never have. Even when I remap the key. Can't get it on my keyboard or the HOTAS. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. I'd be delighted to sit with my drink and listen for a good 30 about that.
  6. It certainly is a great module. Another favourite in a list of favourites. I do my DCS.
  7. Just got it on sale yesterday. What a great module! Been going chopper crazy in DCS for a while and put off the Mi-8, but after watching a really good documentary on it the other night, my interest peaked and I had to get it. Funny how some modules just grab you even if they weren't some daydream from your childhood, like the F-104. But the Mi-8 got me right away, it just feels right, and maybe because of that after a day or so I can fly the thing fairly well, even (almost) hover. And half my landings are not actually horrible. The FM just makes sense to me. Would love to see 6 pods of S-13s, but it is what it is. I have all the choppers except the Gazelle, and no question I'd keep the Mi-8 and the Ka-50 if I could only have two.
  8. Cool! Nice. I need more good quality storage like that. I think replacing my 500GB Crucial C drive with a 1TB Samsung 870 is the next step. I really like the Samsung cloning software. My DCS is about 320GB now, with the new map it's gonna be... bigger.
  9. Beirut


    Happiness unto you with your Mirage. Something about the Mirage cockpit(s) just doesn't hold my interest though. To each their own I guess. I do kind of like the MB-339 cockpit. (I have the 339 in the "civvy sim".)
  10. How big is your SSD? I have 324GB left on a 1TB NVME, but the rule/suggestion/myth is to leave about 20% empty for best performance. I put this NVME in just for DCS, so I don't mind kicking other stuff off to keep some free space.
  11. Beirut


    I think the sale is to keep us quiet until a pending release. Could be the SA map, the 339, or the Mirage. I prefer the first two.
  12. Sold! That would be too funny and too much fun.
  13. The Steam sale kicked in. Might grab the Mi-8. It's the last module I'd like to have. More planes, helicopters, and maps please.
  14. Nukes, chemical weapons, and lighted gauges on the Yak-52.
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