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  1. The thread started before the last FM update, that is why it was so lengthy. There were tons of track files on the various isses, and the thread became pretty silent after that.
  2. Well if there is a problem provide a track for it. We have the blessing of publicly available EM charts- which already proved and solved the pylon drag bug on the external wing tanks.
  3. Yes, was going Mach 1.2 with two bags yesterday. And above. Seems to be fixed.
  4. See the linked content above, various tracks were supplied in that thread. If I can help with anything or one of your developers needs more info / tests whatever, just tell me and I will try to provide it. It is up to you to decide if it is the same bug or a different one, but I think it is the same issue.
  5. You never go nose up in a fox 2 fight unless you can be sure that you can absolutely evade every position on a 60 degree cone to any side of his nose. In the entry turn, go nose low, pull all you got, cursor enable, uncage and off you go. There is no energy maintaining with off- boresight heaters involved. Those are the end of nice dogfighting. If you keep your energy, you will die on a higher speed. It is a whole different fight compared to the guns only esports thing. Luckily, the latest Viper flight model does give it a really improved handling at slower speeds so we don't sick completely.
  6. Early access doesnot mean feature complete. There will be features missing. Compared to the F-16, the Apache release is awesome. We could fly it in a multiplayer mission after the first hotfix. The F-16 is now getting there, but it took a long time to have the feature set that the Apache had at release. And features missing is a natural thing of early access. The Apache is usable with most of its systems, so I don't see why it should have been delayed further. I would miss many features, but not an autopilot. I took about 20 flight hours to master hover, braking and popups though. But then, I am a fixed wing guy so I blame half of the time on that. Go to Kutaisi, takeoff from a hover. Accelerate down the taxiway towards the ramp. Stop at the ramp without gaving the nose drift more than 30 degrees off the initial course. Hover, turn in a hover towards another ramp, repeat. Hover there. Climb in a hover to 300 ft. Drop sideways and get down to 20ft asap. Stop in front of a hangar. Slide sideways. Then try to do everything faster. Flying your helicopter is a skill you should master, and hovering is a part of it imho.
  7. It is simply too new, and with the newer 120s that can be launched via datalink, this is probably not really depending on MSI. The Vipers HSD and Link 16 enable you to do the same just manually, but... In DCS, you are a lone wolf and in real life it is more important how you play as a team. However, if it works and how it works is most probably classified. Even public documents might be wrong on that, nobody really knows and those who know are not allowed to tell. There are only nuances between the 16 and the 18 in terms of SA, nothing that would be an instant game changer. The Hornet has a lot of tools, that's true. But it doesn't have a tool to completely rule the Viper. And when it comes to SEAD, nothing beats the HTS. Different fighters, different roles. Both were build to fight MiGs and Sukhois, and the fact that there is the discussion of how they perform against each other is directly related to the lack of adversaries on the red side with a similar fidelity. The Jeff is the only exception, even the MiG-29S and the J-11 are not really a match against the 16 or 18, let alone the Tomcat that would be a more suitable adversary in the time frame. The Viper came a long way from its light weight fighter program, but those are its roots. It was never meant for BVR since the USAF has the F-15 for that role. It can fill that role but is more needed in the SEAD role, supporting ground troops and support in the CAP role- for about half the cost of other airframes. The F/A-18 however had to be a jack of all trades, replacing everything from the F-14 in the fleet defense role to fighter bombers and even do anti ship. The navy had to give up their Tomcats, which left a deep hole that was not filled with the old hornet but with the new Super Hornet. Neither airframe was built as an air superiority fighter, and both have their shortcomings in that role. They can carry 120s, and have a capable radar.
  8. I am honest... The only time I use a moving map is when I fly helicopters. For AA, the map is not relevant at all. And in many cases, the map makes anything drawn on top of it hard to read. It is nice for CAS, which is not the main purpose of the F-16. The one thing the Viper is missing is the data cartridge for setting pre planned threats and draw lines, but I hope that this will come one day. There is no real mission planning currently.
  9. Weird. Guess I need more tests. Thanks!
  10. You assume that the Viper uses terrain. I never do that unless flying AG missions and most of the time, I don't even have mountains. A map is nice, but not of much use in flat terrain like a desert. Speed is life, altitude is energy that you can convert into speed. Our radar isn't great in look down either, so once you lose SA, break off and let your teammate have a shot. WVR should only happen if you lose SA (you get jumped) or you totally dictate the fight. But yes, the movable map is really nice. And yes, AIM-120 can be trashed even on WVR range. By a MiG-19. At the open sea. I am surprised how weak they are in DCS, a kinematic defense works almost always. I don't do a lot of PvP because it is like... Firing a ton of missiles, neither side will score hits and you fly home. On a typical mission, you got 12k lbs fuel and need 6k for the trip when you want to have 1.2k at touchdown. That leaves you with 3 to 6k for the loiter and engagement. Which is sufficient, but it ain't much, so I try to not spend it on the deck in a dogfight. You always need to be able to break off and make it to the tanker. So I scan low for intruders and see if I can pick up someone on my racetrack. At least my RWR is on the top of the cockpit and not hidden in a page somewhere which means that you can fly with both HSD and radar open while having the RWR right where I need it. I guess it comes down to what fits your playstyle. On GS, the Hornet dominates the fights with ambush CAPs and dogfights, on buddy spike the Viper is really nice. My playstyle sucks on GS though, because I usually serve mostly as a link16 contributor. Whenever I pick up someone from altitude, some ambush CAP will snack it while the enemy is focusing on me. Quite efficient, but SEAD or the buddy spike server are more fun for me.
  11. Yeah, maybe it is related to my stick... I exchanged the warthog springs, the bottom 4 are harder now so I get less resistance in the immediate center, allowing for finer movements. However, other people I fly with noticed the same. I almost never fly a clean Viper though. I can pull 9G just fine, didn't notice any difference here. Ok, it got marked as "no change" now so I blame it on the springs.
  12. There seem to have been some changes to the FLCS because air refueling feels easier, and I am not the only one feeling it. Might be placebo, might be not.
  13. Partially means that some parts work while others do not. We have warm wheels and tracks but no hot exhausts. And cows are dead, they show no heat at all. They are probably zombies.
  14. It is not, but it isn't the "Viper is now the best dogfighter" update some people seem to have expected. It is surprisingly realistic besides of some stores drag which will surely get sorted out. The planes FM change is nothing short of awesome in terms of realism.
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