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  1. 100% this, though getting the even more direct equivalent, Mi-28, someday would be great. Not holding my breath. The Mi-24P is indeed limited in modern theatres, because it's not a modern helicopter. Getting a more modern variant/upgrade package would be cool (I'd really love a Superhind Mk. IV or V, so ugly and cool), but it's also kind of like asking for the Romanian MiG-21 upgrade package (glass cockpit etc. by Elbit), because the normal Fishbed isn't viable in a modern theatre.
  2. Was probably a bit unclear, my issues with the yaw channel started with the update before Wednesday, when the hover hold and attitude hold modes were introduced. You can still fly it well definitely, but I noticed multiple times when in hover/near hover that adding a bit of pedal caused the yaw channel to wobble side to side. If it was just the helicopter wobbling that'd be one thing, but the autopilot yaw channel readouts themselves were being really aggressive.
  3. The missile is old, but as far as I understand it was implemented in the Hind sometime during the 80s, and they could have done things somewhat differently back then.
  4. Looking forward to getting the behavior a bit closer to what Raptor9 describes. It's not terribly bad for me right now, the main thing getting in my way is how doing even small adjustments to my anti-torque pedals in a hover currently leads to the yaw channel of the SCAS bouncing left and right, making the whole heli wobble. Didn't use to do that before the updates, or at least was much less of an issue.
  5. Man, that looks sick! Am I guessing right that there are a total of 6 axis in the lever area (two wheels on the bottom and 4 levers), swappable handles on the levers, with ability to put buttons on the right side levers? Are those two rotary things on the button box area pots or encoders? Looks really cool either way.
  6. Seems highly unlikely. 4 sides of the "box" at the end (bottom, left, right and the part attaching to the handle) are all effectively one piece, and the throttle twist mechanism is also part of that assembly. Any sort of adapter would A) make the whole thing super duper long, with the added length of the collective handles, and B) attach into a 3D printed box structure that was never designed to act as anything other than a place for buttons and some wiring, not a structural part.
  7. Aaaah right. Yeah I've taken it apart a couple of times. My intention is to reallocate some of the space (like replacing your two hat switches with 5-ways, and adding another 5-way where the 3-position switch and red button are), and also extend the button layout beyond the "box". So I'm intending to add a mini-thumbstick "below" where the red button is, so it'll overhang the box somewhat, and add more stuff to the left and right sides of the box. If you can send me the screw spacings and the dimensions of the top, I can start working on the sketches and layout, and send you pics of what I'm thinking of. EDIT: And all the extra buttons will use their own wiring into a separate Bodnar USB device, which I'll put "somewhere". So there will be a wire running from the head down to the base externally. Not going to be pretty, but hey ho.
  8. Not entirely sure what you mean by this? Do you want to see the innards of the collective head to deduce the specific version or something?
  9. Hello K-51! I'm still massively enjoying my collective, one of the best purchases I've ever done, and also a completely different user experience from what me and my friends (some of whom have also bought your collective) have had with small boutique made gear. By which I mean: This thing has worked perfectly reliably, hehe. But as is normal, "appetite increases as you eat" (a saying in my country, not sure how common it is elsewhere), and I find myself wanting to add functionality to the unit. For ease of working I've settled upon making all new controls via a second USB device, so as to leave your electronics untouched, and replacing rather than modifying your panels. This brings me to a request: Would it be possible for you to share the correct dimensions for the screw spacings etc., so that making replacement panels would be a bit easier?
  10. 0.3.0? Is that the latest dev build or something? The latest public one was 0.2.0b if I recall.
  11. Just to add: My pilot or co-pilot has not been hit once that I can tell, it's always been the heli that breaks (either rotor or engine(s)).
  12. Doesn't sound like what ricktoberfest is describing tho.
  13. Could you explain the whole process? Is it something like this: 1. Activate HMS 2. Hold down Uncage/Designate button to slew the Shkval 3. Press Targe Lock button every few seconds (since it times out based on what you were saying) when looking at the target 4. ??? 5. Profit!
  14. I can't remember where I saw it, but Daddy Waggy explained that it was more about giving the Ka-50 AI wingmen more clever AI that you can direct around better, in the vein of George.
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