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  1. Noticed you are playing VR... couple of things I've noticed (and no you are not the only one, for some reason they just don't prioritize this horrible implementation), #1 if I map my controls in 2d, they do not carry forward to VR, #2 There are apparently different models of P51, and even though they don't show up in the options, they do have different folders, so if you map one of them, and then the sim puts you in a different one you will lose your mappings. I came here looking for a solution to this so don't have it figured out, but these are some things I've discovered that can help.
  2. Been playing this campaign for the last couple of weeks, while also tweaking my G2 headset. Well right as I got to Mission 8, I also seem to have nailed the G2 settings, and all I can say is WOW! Super smooth (makes a world of difference) VR gameplay, flying low through amazing cloud and fog effects, and the immersion of the Campaign all came together with update 2.7 at just the right time and have made for an incredible experience. Great job on the campaign Reflected! Can't wait to get the rest of the way through it, and then will be starting either Wolfpack or Blue Nosed Bastards, I have both but not sure which one to do next.
  3. Only about a dozen times. The frustrating thing is that the software seems to be so inconsistent. Like was posted in this thread, why does the Microsoft thing give the suggestion list sometimes and not others. It's being started from Vaicom per the instructions every time, but just seems to do a different thing randomly.
  4. Ok so WOW! I've been playing with settings lately on the G2 and decided to try this (had Steam SS set to 120), loaded the F-86 and literally CAN NOT believe what happened. It is locked at 60 (I recently moved down from 90-60), and ALL the micro-stutters are completely GONE! I can't believe how smooth it is. Flying low to the ground, objects flow smoothly by without ANY drop in frame rate, it's like night and day difference (ok, did drop a little on a larger city with skyscrapers). A couple weird things though... 1. If I switch planes it all goes to hell. Down to 20-30 fps, stuttering mess. Even if I go back to the F-86 it stays messed up. If I exit DCS and go back into the F-86 all is well, which leads me to 2. Doesn't seem like I can get the same incredible smoothness with other planes. I've tried the F-16 and P47 so far and they are off the F-86 by a good 10-20 fps. Any ideas? Just using Instant Action on Caucasus to test other planes. Now that I've experienced it with out any stuttering, I want it for EVERYTHING. Ryzen 7 3700x, RTX 3070 THANKS!
  5. It's working for me, are you sure you have 'all guns' selected with the switch on the left?
  6. Can someone explain this? Even when it's working correctly, it doesn't work. Everything seems fine here, we KNOW the command is in there because it just told us it was. We KNOW it recognized the command because it spelled it out. However it just doesn't work. About ready to just give up. See image: command 'action rooster attack primary target'
  7. I have the exact same problems you have described here DD_Crash. REALLY wish this software would at least attempt to work the way it's supposed to!
  8. DOMlNO

    Loss of 6DOF in VR

    Go into Windows Mixed Reality and reset your seated position.
  9. Yea I heard one of the Youtube guys doing the mission mention it also so knew it wasn't just me. I guess the AI doesn't take kindly to 'dilly-dallying'
  10. Having a couple problems I was hoping to get help with... 1. How to you keep your flight from running into you on the ground? I've had it happen twice now on mission one, once on the runway and once on the taxi way holding short of the runway. 2. When I am able to get off the ground, seems that the new clouds make it impossible to see the red smoke from above them at the 15k feet. I tried going under them on the way out but with the mountains it doesn't seem you can stay under them. I'm pretty new to DCS so am learning along the way, using the Campaign as an excuse to focus on one aircraft and learn the sim at the same time. Oh... and I'm doing it all in VR, AND using Vaicom Pro (VoiceAttack) so that adds it's own set of challenges
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. I didn't understand what you meant by Dictionary so it did prompt me to go back and read the manual again... lol, so I found the Microsoft Dictionary thing in the manual so will give that a try.
  12. Any tips on how to handle keywords that just can't be understood? I tried the Editor | Keyword Training but it doesn't really seem to do anything. The Microsoft Speech Recognition just says 'What was that'? Then 'Moving'. Not really sure how that is supposed to work anyway? Anyway, have done the voice training several times. Here's an example of one I'm struggling with. I want to give the command Go Wedge, but it recognizes it as Go Wage.
  13. Well that sucks, but doesn't surprise me. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I did some more experimenting and it seems to be worse on some scenarios than others, it's very annoying but probably won't use it much once I get more experience with the verbal commands.
  14. I appreciate the quick and detailed reply. I thought I had made it pretty clear, the problem ONLY occurs when Vaicom is running. It DOES NOT occur if just DCS is running. However, yes I've reset the .lua file. Yes I start VA first with the Vaicom profile loaded as the default. This is a brand new install of DCS, just downloaded the Open Beta and installed it the other day. Really easy to reproduce, and clear to see it's something Vaicom (maybe VA) is doing for some reason.
  15. When I'm running Vaicom Pro I have to press the \ key several times to get the communications menu to come up, or go away. If I run DCS alone I don't have this problem. If I run DCS and VoiceAttack I don't have this problem. If I run DCS, VoiceAttack and Vaicom I ALWAYS have this problem. Anyone know if there is a fix for this? I'm on the latest version of Vaicom Pro and DCS Openbeta. Thanks
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