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  1. Hey, thanks so much! I’m so glad to hear there are no issues so far despite the ever changing ai code. Enjoy the campaign and I’m looking forward to hearing about the rest of the missions.
  2. ED has not failed to optimize any of their maps, once they were final. I guess there is no point in optimization when you're still changing stuff, then you have to redo it. But that's jsut my guess, I've never developed a map.
  3. You haven't even played the campaign. Most of it will be over open water.
  4. You don't have to press spacebar immediately. You do that when you get there
  5. Not gonna use movie quotes in this one, but S&A will be a great lesson to everyone who thinks they can fly by feel. There's a whole lot of thinking that has to be involved if you want to complete the missions.
  6. The takeoff, fence-in, refueling and landing checklists are built into my DCS World campaigns in an interactive way. Both in 'Zone 5' and 'Fear the Bones' but also the upcoming 'Speed & Angels' campaign with Paco Chierici. Let's walk through each checklist item and see what they mean.
  7. Recording this Sunday. If you have any questions please post here.
  8. Sure, it will use the NTTR map for the lack of Fallon/ Miramar/ Oceana. Then, for the deployment you'll go to the Marianas.
  9. Ah, I totally missed that part about boresighting. Thanks!
  10. Hi all, I've manage to master the Viper more or less, there is just one thing that I can't really do. Employ mavericks. So the JTAC starts lasing, I find the target on the TGP, TMS forward, and the auto handoff doesn't happen. I'm not seeing any in progress messages. Does it work with all Mavericks? OK, so I do it manually. But the JTAC is lasing 1 of 5 tanks, and I can't get my Mav screen to look at where the TGP is. It's looking more or less that way, but I have to SOI it and manually select one of the tanks. It's surely not right, is it? I've got to be missing somethnig. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Hey, good questions, thanks for reaching out. forward quarter shots mean you won’t kill the bandit before the merge because the exercise wants you to do some engaged maneuvering. Once you merge the game cannot tell what shot is head on and what shot isn’t. the bubble means exactly that. Then again, there is no way to prevent the dcs ai from going closer, the way they fight is hard coded, it’s just to give the player some realistic safety considerations.
  12. No adjustment needed, all I do is I place a wp at x feet, then another one at y feet, and how the AI gets from A to B that's up to the code
  13. I can’t ‘fix’ it as I only have access to the mission editor, not the AI code. But it’s actually not difficult, check out this video:
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