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  1. Hi Drillin


    I just joined. I was able to get on the forum at vcaw1.com. Now when I try I get a security warning that the server can't be verified as safe. When I try to bypass it and go to the forum anyway, I get an Error 404 page not found. Any ideas?


    Mike Christianson


    1. drillin


      Hey Mike, sorry i ve been out of town working and havent checked this forum for a bit, we are moving servers and are having some technical difficultys, if you are still interested in the wing, please join our discord.


  2. Recruiting closed for summer, see you in the fall!
  3. Very nice, stop by website and take a look if your still looking for a wing, gotta outnumber the mericans haha www.vcaw1.com
  4. where abouts you from Sniper? im up in northern AB
  5. One more slot available N/A timezone.
  6. that integrated graphics card is weird as its not anywhere on the build sheet. Disabled the share and still same result, will try disabling the 630 and see if that works, in the mean time heres a crash log from today if it helps. Thanks dcs.20210208-191932.crash
  7. hi all thanks for the reply, heres the dxdiag log DxDiag.txt
  8. where abouts are you in western canada? i also work in the oil patch in berta, stop by our forum and drop a line, our recruitings closed at the moment but opening again soon. www.vcaw1.com
  9. Most (not all) squadrons or groups will take on green pilots, just look around the squadron list and check some of them out. Lots of good folks out there!
  10. Hey guys, i just gotta say, that website is pretty damn cool!
  11. As pilots complete or drop out of the training program we open slots. So, we are opening 4 F-18 slots for the North American side of the wing VMFA-115 Two seats have been filled, so we are down to: 0 - F18 pilots North America. 2 - F18 pilots Europe - open Training can take up to 3 months, or as little as 2 weeks. It depends on your current skill level and commitment to fly. We are looking for people who can commit to at least one scheduled flight per week; preferably two. If you can't commit to that we are not the wing for you. Click here and then recruitment. https://forum.vcaw1.com/ __________________
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