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  1. Please check OP for the new hardcore version. In this version, flak guns now protect the convoy making successful strafing runs quite a bit more difficult. Additionally, the convoy's speed is considerably greater than in the original.


    I've also attached a .trk to of me destroying the convoy and landing safely without going over 7G's. I can assure you that it took quite a few attempts to accomplish this, and it was pure luck that no bandits showed up to complicate things.


    Have fun!



  2. Hi Folks,


    Here's a simple, straightforward, skills-building mission that I enjoy playing myself and hope you all do as well. Please feel free to post your Trk's and Tacview files when you complete the mission.





    Feedback Welcome:


    You must install the 39th Server Pack in order to play this mission. You can get it here: https://goo.gl/5BnEY9 The pack is JGSME ready and should be installed in that fashion only.


    The server pack will add Korean War era weapons, vehicles, skins and my label mod. Installation will also allow you join the 39th Korean War Server.



    ***Important***Please try to keep from pulling more than 7Gs during this mission in order to have the most realistic experience possible.



    Destroy the convoy traveling south from Russkoye on the road perpendicular to and just west of the runway at Mozdok before it can enter the city of Mozdok. You must then land safely to complete the mission.


    There will be a 2-ship of MiG 15s defending the convoy. Destroying the MiGs is not required for a mission success.


    If you choose to do a ramp start, the convoy will not begin moving until you've taken off. A runway start will instead start the convoy off right away.


    Thanks once again go to SiThSpAwN/Stonehouse for their Flak Script, and Lilkiki and Markindel for their great vehicle/weapons mods.




    This mission is both SP and MP compatible. Just drop the mission file here: C:\Users\PC name\Saved Games\DCS\Missions and play.


    More complicated and challenging iterations of this mission will be added if there's a demand for it.


    Have fun!











  3. Hi Folks,


    I'm trying to find a way to keep people from being able to pull more than 7 G (or perhaps 7.5 G) in the F-86F Sabre. Is there a way to script this as a trigger condition? I'd love to create some sort of penalty if possible as a stop gap until Belsimtek addresses this troublesome issue.






  4. Hi,


    Just wondering if Belsimtek could comment on when they plan on modeling damage when g-limits are exceeded. I have to say, it doesn't feel like I'm even flying an F-86F when i can pull in excess of 10 G with a full load of HVAR's and not cause a bit of damage to either the wings, the racks or the rockets themselves. According to the F-86F flight manual, I shouldn't be able to pass 6 G with such a loadout without causing damage.


    Even with a clean jet I shouldn't be able to pull more than 7 G below 15K or 6 G above 15K without structurally compromising my aircraft. Everyone who flies the Sabre knows that you can easily pull 10 G until you blackout with no damage penalty whatsoever. To my understanding, this is just simply unrealistic and needs to be addressed asap.





    Thanks for your attention,


  5. It is cool, but totally unrealistic for most aircraft and ridiculously unrealistic for WWII aircraft.


    If you mostly fly aircraft that have force sensing it makes sense, otherwise its unrealistic and pointless, unless you are trying to get an unrealistic edge or something


    It should also be said that FSSB is ridiculously unrealistic in WWII aircraft and the precision is completely inappropriate for those aircraft.



    Good thing for your last post or people might have missed the point in your first two. :D

  6. Hi Raven, Put your in-game FPS up (right Ctrl+pause) and put yourself in a reasonably busy environment that you might encounter during a mission. You'll have to change settings incrementally until you find the proper balance between performance and aesthetics. It's a time consuming drag, but there's no way around it as every system is different. I would recommend putting shadows high though. Counter-intuitively, many report getting better performance with that setting up.


    Best of luck,



  7. Thanks for that, FS. Do you have your stick rotated to the left at all, and what height is the stick in relation to your body?


    I agree with FS that the Warthog stock stick base with its well known stiction issues leaves a lot to be desired, and that the FSSB R3 is a huge improvement over it. Also, the customer service provided by Manuel at RealSimulator is easily the best I've ever seen in all my years of flight simming. The man has literally written custom firmware for me in order to make sure I was enjoying his product to its fullest.

  8. I have one; it's brilliant.


    I'm an advocate of getting the very best controllers you can afford. It never pays to get cheap stuff in the long run, and you'll enjoy simming all the more while you're at it.



    Hi FS, I've had one for about 2 weeks now and would love to hear how people have it set up and what type of settings they're using.


    Also, with which aircraft do you use it? Right now I've got it center mounted pretty much where it'd be in an A-10. And I'm finding that quick rolls to the right when dogfighting with the Sabre causes some soreness in the forearm/elbow even at 2.50 lbs. I've heard from some that it's a matter of getting used to how it works, but I've not yet heard a useful elaboration of that.


    Any guidance would be appreciated.

  9. Thanks Bull, what technique do you use when you are on his 6 and gaining rapidly? Is it best to use the airbrake and keep the throttle spooled up or move the throttle and keep the airbrake in?


    YW, Nascar.


    If I'm in a turn and my overtake is substantial, I'll climb up into a high Yo-Yo and then come back down on top of him once the moment is right. If the overtake is minimal, I'll pop the brakes momentarily. Only in rare cases will i reduce power because once you do you'd better get him quick or he's going to get away.


    Once you put in some time practicing, everything I'm saying now is going to become really obvious. :)


    Have fun



  10. It just takes practice, Nascar.


    As a Sabre pilot, you can't go wrong if you stay fast and energy fight. You can leave the fight whenever you'd like and your jet is ridiculously more maneuverable than the 15 once you get above .85 Mach.


    As Zeke says above, if you start turning with a MiG and get slow, a good MiG pilot will eat your lunch for you. If you can get a kill shot in the first couple of turns, fine, go for it, just don't hang around longer than that against someone who knows what they're doing.


    As far as the 10-1 ratio, I wouldn't put a great deal of stock in it. If you look at the stats for Soviet-piloted '15s (so-called Honchos) you'll find that the kill ratio was far more equitable. Chinese and North Korean pilots were far less experienced than the Americans so you really can't use their lack of experience to determine how much better or worse the MiGs were.

  11. Hey Invisibull,


    Thanks for this great mission. I can't refuel to save my skin so when I found this mission I just had to try it. As I'm currently learning F-15C I changed all planes to this type and changed distance trigger to 100. After 15 mins of flying practice I got the two minute notification. I was well chuffed! It has taught me to fly out of the cockpit more, going to try and refuel now!


    Thanks again!




    You're welcome and glad you're enjoying it. You're using it exactly as intended.



  12. Ramdom funtion doesnt work properly. Have you noticed about this? I use it for activate planes and ALWAYS are activated when I put the value zero.


    Us the random function to turn flags on, not to directly activate planes. Have the planes activate as a result of the flag having turned on.




    Type: Once Condition: Random 50% Action: Flag On (1)

    Type: Once Condition: Flag is True (1) Action: Activate Group: (Plane's group name)


    This will make the plane you've selected activate 50% of the time. Setting it to 0% will of course guarantee your plane will never activate.


    Let me know if anything needs to be clarified.



  13. Hi INvisibull,

    Thank you for your quick answer. I'have no Mods and I have the same problem with the Gunslinger mission. My downloaded missions are saved on a disk different from the disk of DCS World. Is-it the reason?



    Hi again, Elastic. I'm afraid your question is better posted in a troubleshooting section. I'm really not very good with this sort of thing. Sorry.



  14. Hi Folks,


    I'd love to hear from some of you FSSB R3 vets out there as I'm finding the transition to force sensing a bit more challenging than I had anticipated. I got this mod 3 days ago and use it with the F-86 Sabre only. Also, I am using the mod as a standalone joystick, which is center-mounted on my Obutto Revolution.


    1. The ability to change settings on the fly is great, but am I not able to use the TMS/DMS hats for other functions? What i mean is that when I hit CMS center in order to change the FSC setting, it's also triggering view functions i have assigned to the DMS hat. Is there a way to change my FSC (dms) and sensibility (tms) settings without losing 8 potential keymappings in the process? Can these keybindings be customized?


    2. I never had any trouble trimming the plane until i switched to this mod. If I press "Trim" nothing seems to happen when I try to trim, and if "POV" is selected, i can trim a bit, but the results are haphazard at best. Is this due to my force settings?


    3. In the HID tool, what does the DX Button toggle option actually do?


    4. I hear about so many guys who, once they figured out how FSSB works, will never go back to a traditional stick. I'd love to know what the process was in learning to get used to this mod, and what sort of force settings you now use. Especially from those guys who fly the Sabre.


    Thanks a bunch,



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